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One of the most anticipated LASERWAR devices at the finish line. In laser tag, a grenade can disrupt any encounter during the game. All one needs to do is roll it into the room and any ambush will be broken from the infrared impulse. Here is the latest information about the new device everyone has been waiting for.



laser tag device


During the manufacturing process, a thermoplastic polymer is used to mold the device. The selection of the material was not accidental. A grenade is the equipment that is prone to physical impact more than any other. Walls, floor, wooden hideouts are the obstacles that will be used to crash test the device. Therefore, the toughness of the material was of utmost importance. Compared to ABS-plastic, it is 3 times as tough.

This thermoplastic polymer has other advantages, besides the abovementioned. The grenade is activated by means of a trigger. You need to pull it and then let go. Or else press at the top of the trigger with your finger – the grenade will be activated. The trigger is a mobile element, its reliability fully depends on the choice of the frame. The thermoplastic polymer resists strain well and provides thousands of hours of comfortable play.



laser tag grenade


The device is equipped with 6 hexagonal infrared diodes, 2 of those are at the top of the device. Its defeat area is 20 metres in a covered area and 10 metres at an open place.

Several indication levels are used in the device. The frame of the device has 6 red diodes. When the grenade is activated, they indicate when it will detonate. Same function is performed by the powerful imitation of piezo signal. LASERWAR play sets have not been left out either. In the 8th – 9th generations we made a special detonation signal. The blaster will inform the player about the cause of virtual death: whether it is the precise infrared impulse of the enemy’s gun, or the unexpected grenade.



laser tag device


The construction of the device ensures its internal components remain undamaged even when hit. The grenade will not let you down at a critical moment and will promptly eliminate enemy stormtroopers. When hit against a wall, the batteries will remain in place too. 2 AAA batteries provide the necessary charge and guarantee up to 14 days of play. We have thought of the batteries too. To gain access to the batteries, you have to twist off one screw. This will please both players and those whose job is to repair laser tag equipment.



laser tag device


Emphasis on functionality predetermined the design. The device was designed for comfortable use. Being 11 cm high, the grenade is comfortable to hold in one’s hand. it is easy to transport too. We gave up the idea of direct activation by pressing the button. First, there won’t be random explosions in the car during transportation. Second, the omission of the button means there will be no element that can quickly become out of order. The weight of the grenade is 140 grams.

The grenade is black in colour, the screws are set deep inside the frame, the device has the LASERWAR brand name inscribed on it. The grooves in the frame, the imitation of a cogwheel at the top make the design of the grenade technological. We always aim to make the devices authentic, for everyone has long been waiting for the laser tag equipment to stop looking like a box with electronic stuffing. We achieved 100% success with the grenade.



The new version costs 2500 roubles. At customers’ request, the grenade can be equipped with a special pin, which will serve as a safety pin. For those who send us back the old version of the grenade, we will give a 500 roubles discount when they purchase the new device. Should it happen that the grenade gets broken in the process of the game, a new frame can be purchased for 700 roubles from our online store.

After 1 year of development, the long-awaited device has now been put up for sale. We doubt not that the improved design, reliable construction and the advanced electronic equipment, when combined together, will have an outstanding result. You can buy the grenade right now, the first batches will be made available on 1st of October.