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Lasertag equipment by LASERWAR

Laser tag is a real-time military sports game. Its main objective is to defeat the opposing team by capturing special game objects (checkpoints etc.) and/or by shooting opposing players with laser tag blasters (or taggers) with inbuilt infrared emitters. Despite the fact that laser tag came to Russia only in 2001, over the last few years about a thousand of clubs have appeared not only in our country.

LASERWAR is the brand of LASERTAG LLC. Initially, it was just a name of the first laser tag club in Russia, but in time it transformed into a solid company of likeminded people that design, produce and manufacture laser tag equipment and software. Now we can say for sure that LASERWAR is a synonym for laser tag in Russia and abroad. We have partners and friendly clubs in Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Israel, Bulgaria, Estonia, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Belorussia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan as well as in Japan, Brazil, Chile and India.

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