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Mobile configurator for instructors

The main function is to adjust the equipment's performance characteristics.


The mobile app configures all equipment connected to it. The screen shows game sets, their names and status. The colour of the team is indicated below.


All parameters are displayed in both the mobile app and the Alphatag server. Saved settings can be applied to a group of devices.


The instructor will be able to change the performance characteristics in a single touch and be anywhere in the playing area.

The equipment and the phone with the app must be connected to the same network in order for the equipment to work. The router must be placed at the playground in such a way that the Wi-Fi signal covers the entire playing area. This will allow the tagger settings to be changed at any time.

A router can be taken to the playground with a power bank in the event that there is no mains power.

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Alphatag Configurator is an indispensable tool for the instructor. Available for iOS and Android users.


What is the difference between Alphatag Player and Alphatag Configurator?
Alphatag Player lets the player get a better sense of the playground. It reads and displays real-time statistics on the gadget's screen. Alphatag Configurator is an application for the instructor. It is used to configure the performance characteristics of game sets.
What are the platforms supported by the app?
The mobile app is compatible with IOS and Android devices. It can be downloaded from the App Store, Google Play и Huawei App Gallery.
How do I connect the equipment to the phone?
To do that, connect your phone to the Wi-Fi network on which the Alphatag equipment is operating. Then switch on Bluetooth. Your game set is then displayed on your phone screen.
How is a mobile app different from a PC app?
Alphatag Configurator is only for writing settings to the equipment. You will need a desktop app to run a network game or change firmware.
Does the player have permission to use this app apart from the instructor?
The player, knowing what performance characteristics will be used in the upcoming game, can write them into his game set in advance using Alphatag Configurator.