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Continuation of the legend.
Ten years ago we created the AK-12LT Predator laser tag rifle focusing on the prototype of the AK-12 assault rifle presented by the Kalashnikov Concern.
Over the past 10 years the AK-12 combat prototype has come a way from a project to a serial product and today it is no longer too similar to its namesake from LASERWAR.

The AM-17 compact assault rifle, released by the Kalashnikov Concern in 2017 turned out to be so similar to our Predator that we decided to breathe a new life into the old layout and made a restyling of the AK-12LT Predator which was given the name AK-25.


Taking the classic Predator body as a basis, we changed the shape of the magazine, visually making it look like the prototype – the AM-17 assault rifle.

The new layout combines the features of its two prototypes and the best technical solutions from LASERWAR. It has a worthy history and an equally worthy future.

Unique qualities of AK-25

The body

The cast body of the Predator, made of impact-resistant amorphous polymer, has proven its viability. It has already become a classic of laser tag rental.

Its material has a high viscosity, so it does not break and does not crack.

It can withstand falling from a height of three floors and hitting the wall.

It is not afraid of frost

Protected from rain, dust and dirt

One of the main features of the AK-25 was the mechanism of reloading on the bolt, the same as in the original assault rifle. The technology of the movable bolt has already been tested on the AK-15 "Warrior" model.

We are confident in the quality, as we control the entire process of the development, production and assembly.

But for the youngest players, we left the possibility of recharging the rifle with a simple click on the button. The button is made according to IP67 protection standards and is perfectly protected from moisture and dust, does not sink and works clearly after pressing.

The player will decide which of the two ways to use.

Sighting devices

The front sight and rear sight of the new AK-25 have a removable mount on the upper Picatinny rail, which makes it possible to replace them with a collimator sight easily.

The durable gun-grade plastic was used for their production. The sighting rail made of such material will not become a weak point of your assault rifle. The use of collimators makes the game more dynamic and interesting.

Classical optics "Prism".

"Prism" is still in demand in many rental clubs aimed at a wide audience of players.

Perfectly balanced, it is equally well suited for both children and adults. The optimal firing range is up to 250 meters, and to hit an opponent, you need to aim carefully – just like in a real fight.

Contactless release system

The contactless release system is protected from any external environmental influences – it is not afraid of humidity, hits, mechanical loads. The mechanism will withstand an infinite number of clicks and survive thousands of games.

In the rental club, the lifetime of the trigger mechanism of the tagger is, by definition, finite. Sooner or later, the microswitch needs to be replaced, since its contacts eventually oxidize from moisture. When upgrading the Predator, we took this into account and used a contactless switching system based on the operation of the Hall sensor.

The high-quality neodymium magnets provide excellent actuation accuracy. No misfires, no delays – the trigger reacts clearly to each press.

x2 working hours

The basic capacity of the battery allows you to play continuously for more than a day and a half.

x2 working hours

The basic capacity of the battery allows you to play continuously for more than a day and a half.

Do you want to double this figure?

Install an extra battery and play twice as long! 72 hours of continuous work instead of 36 - АK-25 is out of competition.

Modern lithium batteries

The new AK-25 is equipped with a 2200 ampere-hour LI+ battery. The built-in protection board protects the battery of the assault rifle from overcharging and deep discharge.

Protective bumper "Sport"

The another exclusive LASERWAR technical solution.

A special nozzle is made specifically for mass active games.

It is also used in sports laser tag.

It is made of soft plastic and has several colors.

It is easy to use it to indicate the colors of the teams.

It gives the tagger a more aggressive, impressive look.

Feedback technology

The branded Feedback technology gives players an incredible sense of realism

Shots, wounds, signals about the absence of cartridges are accompanied by a vibration signal. The tagger doesn't just sound; it seems to come alive with every shot! The LASERWAR recoil is triggered gently, but noticeably, so you won't miss the moment of hitting.

Bright and clear OLED display

We use Winstar OLED displays in our taggers, which provide an optimal level of contrast and clarity, do not glare in the sun.

It is comfortable to play with the AK-25 at any time of the day: the screen does not glow in daylight, in the dark the inscriptions on it are perfectly visible even at a distance. We do not give the players the unnecessary information, the display shows only what the player needs in battle – data on the number of remaining lives and cartridges.

The rich, loud sound

The technology of the acoustic socket used in the AK-25 allows you to achieve maximum loud and clear sound.

The high-quality speaker PRO Signal 57 mm provides rich and clear sound. It is not afraid of water and pollution and will last a long time.

Tactical handle


The owners of the AK-25 receive our branded tactical handle complete with a tagger. The handle balances the assault rifle and makes the game process comfortable for the fighter.

Its body is made of gun-grade plastic, which is famous for the wear resistance and durability. The prototype for it was the handle of the company Magpul Industries – a cult American manufacturer of accessories for weapons. The rough texture of the coating and the arc-shaped tides of the upper part guarantee a reliable hand grip.

Branded shot illumination

A distinctive feature of LASERWAR game kits is the unique cross-shaped illumination of the shot. The bright orange glow reminds you that this is a game weapon, but still a weapon. The backlight complements the complex of effects created by us to enhance the realism of the game.

Add AK-25 to your arsenal?