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The AK-100 series rifles are a compact version of the original full-size assault rifles. Unlike their full-size counterparts, they feature a shortened barrel with a special flame set and a modified rear-sight leaf, the highest point of its graduation being 500 m instead of the traditional 1000 m in the full-size prototypes.

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This gaming model gives a real feel of its combat prototype and the original technical parameters: a solid metal body, a folding skeleton stock and a reliable fore-end – all features of a real assault rifle. Being a mass-dimensional model, BARS (Balanced Automatic Recoil System) allows to play in an extreme and even aggressive manner, unlike other automatic rifles. The laser tag players appreciate this tagger for its reliability, mobility, easy use and ergonomic design. Low price makes it an excellent option for any laser tag club. In our rating, BARS steadily holds 3rd place in sales.

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Excellent maintenance reputation among our customers, a reliable body, wide customization options – can be customized with any sighting system or a rifle – the MP-514 possesses all these features. Many players consider this tagger one of the best options from laser tag equipment. The MP-514 has two gaming versions: an assault rifle and a sniper rifle. The difference between them is the telescopic lens system construction which affects the firing range. The tagger has been manufactured since 2008 and has undergone many modifications. At the present moment you may become the owner of the classical, the most well-balanced laser tag rifle version.

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The standard sights provide quite a sufficient firing range, but you may also replace the back-sight with a collimator sight or with a sniper one in the sniper version, respectively. The MP owners perfectly know all the advantages of this gear, so they hold their breath when pulling the trigger. Possible enemies, in their turn, simply can’t stand fighting against the MP-514 because this rifle may causes too many problems to them. Are you looking for a reliable combat friend? Choose the MP-514! Second place in our rating!


Here, at LASERWAR Company, we have been searching for a model that would crown the product line of the new generation. Finally, our attention was grasped by the gorgeous design of the AK-12 rifle. We slightly modified the original construction and produced its gaming laser tag version with excellent parameters. The exterior of the “PREDATOR” is very similar to its prototype, the only difference being the stock construction (we decided to make it a bit more massive for the players’ convenience) – and dedicated rails which help adjust additional laser tag gear. It’s true that this game-set has managed to go through thick and thin and preserve its wonderful fighting capacity.

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If you are a happy owner of the AK-12LT, you are perfectly aware of its unparalleled durability: it can be thrown from the roof, hit against the wall or, in other words, resist any possible damage. No wonder! The “PREDATOR” body is made of high resistant plastic and polymer components. The material is durable and lightweight. Assault scopes are integrated into the model and guarantee the firing range up to 250 m. A lithium battery of 2,2 Ah is used as power supply and gives up to 30 hours of autonomous operation. The “Predator” is the first model to feature the modern echo-nest technology which provides a more intensive and rich sound quality.

The enhanced plastic trigger is agreeable to the touch. The bolt-stop pin system provides smooth operation. It must be noted that low price is one more possibility for those who are just starting their laser tag business and therefore, require a number of game sets for their clubs. Long service life, reliability and reasonable price are the basic characteristics. Thousands of laser tag players admire this game-set. So, the AK-12LT wins the gold medal of the LASERWAR pedestal!

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There are no universal recipes concerning gaming equipment. The choice depends on your individual requirements. You may always count on our qualified managers. The given-above statistics illustrate some ideal quality-price-reliability ratio. Each of these 3 taggers may turn into a dangerous weapon in the hands of an experienced laser tag player. But it’s up to you to decide which option to choose!