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A dream
that has become a reality!

We intended to create a unique device that would reflect our view of the laser tag indication and capture devices. At the time, the very idea of such a product seemed fantastic. But we didn't give up on the dream.

Step by step, we were moving towards the goal. We improved production technologies, introduced modern electronics, created new concepts. Work didn't stop for a minute. Our team created such devices as the Smart Control Point, Command Post Now it's time for the Digital Flag.

He had to complete the triad of LASERWAR laser tag devices designed to implement any scenario. It was to become the final chord of the laser tag symphony. And we have been working painstakingly for so many years. And here it is – the Digital Flag is ready for action.

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WI-FI 802.11g

Online transmission speed up to 54 Mbps, which allows you to instantly transfer game statistics to a TV panel or computer.

Unique scenarios

7 different scenarios. For the first time in the history of laser tag, the scenario "Capture the virtual flag" was implemented, as in the most famous computer games (Battelfield, World of tanks, Unreal, Quake and others).

Suitable for all generations

Despite the fact that the device was developed specifically for the 10th generation, it continues to support all past generations of electronics. Easy to set up and configure via built-in OLED display or dedicated software.

Control digital flag

Suitable for all LASERWAR generations. Not ready to switch to the X-Generation yet? The Flag will easily find common ground with ninth, eighth and even earlier generations of equipment.

Device for any task. The Digital Flag will be suitable for large scenario games designed for hundreds of fighters as well as for a small children's party at a laser tag club. All scenarios are easy to customize to your needs: there aren't a lot of parameters to change, even a newbie can figure them out.

Innovative visualization of game events

The device has an impressively bright illumination in the form of four vertical light poles. The LEDs change color, turning into a chain of running lights. The signal is visible hundreds of meters away: the players will know who captured the Flag and the time till the end of the round. You can be sure that the Digital Flag will not get lost in the large playground. Bad weather and darkness will not prevent the game: the flag will be the light that will lead the fighters to victory.

Digital flag control panel
Логотип флага

Exclusive design

You will never confuse Digital Flag with another device. The branded X-design reminds of the device belonging to the newest 10th generation LASERWAR. "Flag" is distinguished by its impressive size, creates a feeling of brutality and reliability. The austere black color contrasts favorably with the multi-colored LED backlighting.

Цифровой флаг

Capacitive battery

The advanced Flag display system requires a high-capacity battery. And we made sure that the device stays in the game as long as possible. The body of the game set has been designed to accommodate a truly powerful battery. An 8,800mAh lithium polymer power supply provides at least twelve hours of continuous play - even online!

The battery can withstand severe cold to -30 °C and heat up to +50 °C, so you can play with the Digital Flag in any weather.

12 hrs of continuous work
    lithium-polymer power supply
8800 mAh battery

Reliable touch button

In the Digital Flag, the usual mechanical activation button has been replaced by a modern touch button. Depending on the scenario, it also recovers hp or replenishes ammo.

The thick glass covering the mechanism is highly sensitive. You will not have to waste valuable game time – the button is triggered instantly when your fingers approach it.

The entire touch button is recessed into the body and is completely sealed. That way, it is not afraid of water and dirt – they simply can't get inside the mechanism.

The capacitive sensor can handle more than 600,000 touches, so the button will retain its function even after thousands of games.

    modern touch
    protection against external influences
from 600k pressings
Управление цифровым флагом

Realistic sound

The "digital flag" is not only visible, but also heard from afar. The speaker produces sound with a bit depth of 16 bits and a frequency of 44 kHz, which is comparable in quality to a digital MP3 file. The 3-watt amplifier delivers impressive volume. It is up to you to increase or decrease this parameter; adjustment in a few clicks will take a couple of seconds.

All audio effects are recorded and digitized in a professional studio. This makes Flag sound incredibly realistic.

16 sound bit depth
44 kHzsound frequency
3 Wamplifier power

Huge OLED display

All information about the "Flag" settings is displayed on a high-quality OLED display by WaveShare with a diagonal of 1.5 inches. The high resolution of 128 × 128 pixels and the viewing angle of over 160 degrees ensure crisp and bright images. The display does not glare in the sun, ensuring comfortable gaming at any time of the day.

Scenarios and modes

7 scenarious
for any occasion

The device gives a new life to the "Capture the flag" scenario. It is this first and main of seven scenarios that distinguishes the Digital Flag from other LASERWAR devices. In the scenario, when the player shoots at the device, his bandage starts flashing, showing that the fighter carries a tag – a digital flag. The owner of the tag must reach his flag and shoot at it to finish the round. In this case the device will announce the victory of the team with loud fanfares. If the game objective is to score the maximum number of flags, the winner will be determined at the end of game time. If the opponent hits the tag carrier during the mission, the latter will lose the flag and the fight for capturing the flag will start anew.

Laser tag flag interface

In addition, the Digital Flag functionality allows you to play six scenarios that will suit both beginners and experienced fighters: Flag Control, Confrontation, Military Base, Outpost, Hospital, Arsenal. Thus, the device can simultaneously act as a player base, become a Control Point or Command Post. One device – lots of possibilities.

No more running with a shaft in your hand! Finally, there is a technological, modern solution that will bring previously unattainable emotions to laser tag. Now the game is a matter of technique.

Possibilities of local and online‑game in one device

The Digital Flag is the first LASERWAR additional device designed to work online. The built-in Wi-Fi module of the latest generation allows the device to operate in tandem with laser tag weapons. The equipment reads statistics and transmits data to the computer or TV screen.

In places without any internet connection, the Flag is also successful in the classic local game mode. All scenarios and settings are available to players in the same amount.

Digital flag device for laser tag

Easy set-up

The game set can be controlled in two ways: with the four buttons on the body and the LASERWAR online configurator.

The tactical buttons are tactile – the user will correlate his actions with the device's response. This is a more familiar and understandable way for many players.

Setting up with the configurator program is a quick and clear way to change parameters. LASERWAR software has a user-friendly interface, so adjusting the Flag takes just a few minutes.

How to act – depends on the conditions of your rental club or specific game. Both methods allow you to quickly set the desired settings.

Control laser tag flag
Smart hit system

Unique functions

Smart hit system

The Flag hit system is designed so that the device can only be fired at close range. The players will have to show dexterity and skill to get to the Digital Flag and capture it. Shots from the hideouts will not bring results, which means you will have a dynamic and exciting confrontation.

Impressive durability

For the manufacture of the Flag body our engineers used a special impact resistant plastic with high viscosity. Thanks to that, the device is durable, resistant to shocks and falls. The tubes of light poles on the ribs of the device are made of durable polycarbonate, they will not crack or break even in intensive use. You can be sure that the Flag will be a reliable companion to your laser tag battles.

Sophisticated design

We took care of how and where you will use it. Pay attention to the Flag's support legs – the game set is raised above the ground level, it's easy to clean it from dirt and dust after games.

new advantage for your laser tag club

The Digital Flag combined the best of the additional devices produced by LASERWAR. It is a universal indication and capture device like no other on the market. its functionality, design, customization and application capabilities make the Flag a truly unique game set. The device will be a decoration of any laser tag game and will make a stunning impression on the customers of your rental club.

2754 grams
60.6 centimeters
Base width
33 centimeters
Battery life
8–16 hrs
Battery type
Li-pol (7.4 V, 8800 mAh)
Li+ (8.4 V, 1000 mA)
Sound power
3 W
impact resistant polymer + polycarbonate
OLED display
Built-in Wi-Fi module;
7 game scenarios
including "Capture the Flag"
Compatible with all LASERWAR equipment.
Laser tag flag 3D
Reach new heights
of laser tag games
Capture your flag

Software for any request

We are justly proud that we were the first in the laser tag industry to create our own line of software products, among which there are universal configurators that work on PCs, Android tablets and mobile phones.

More about software
Laser tag software

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