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LASERWAR COMPANY is happy to present the unique Smart RGB-headband. This headband is the result of long and painstaking working process involving all the members of our team. It took more than a year to work out the final version. We are absolutely sure that the new band will have a tremendous effect on the game process making your dreams come true! But let us get down to the heart of the matter. What is the principal difference between this device and its previous versions? The new features stand on three basic points:




1. The term “smart” is not accidental as this RGB-headband is really sophisticated. This device, unique in the segment where it operates, gives an opportunity to see a new dimension of laser tag.

a) Multizonal approach

The multizonal approach suggests that the headband is divided into sectors. Each hit sensor is equipped with a vibration motor. Only the sensors that registered IR-radiation will go off when the player is hit. Many players used to complain of their inability to understand from which side the fire was directed. The sniper was able to “assasinate” a big number of opponents and not get spotted. The smart headband will allow the players to spot the fire point, to find a better ambush position not to become an easy target. And the lovers of cold-blooded shooting will have to weigh all the pros and cons before bringing down fire. Now they can easily get spotted.

b) The advanced “Anti-cheat” system

To power on the headband you must press the tact switch and hold it down for one second. Handy and practical, it enabled, though, sneaky players to change their location by switching off the power supply. With our new “Anti-cheat” system this trick will not pass. The device will give an acoustic signal if the system is reengaged, the emission colour will change into purple and the firing option will become unavailable. Cheating is not allowed on the battlefield! More than that, the device does not admit of accidental activation – the feature which will be appreciated by club supervisors.

laser tag rgb

c) Background glow technology

Laser tag has always made use of some additional attachments to differentiate the opposing teams, such as adhesive tapes of different colour attached to laser weapons and bands, or some other solutions. Now there is no need in these accessories. The background glow technology opens a new page in the history of outdoor laser tag, increasing its visual appeal. This technology has been successfully employed in professional arena systems. This option is now available in outdoor laser tag as well! The headband settings provide permanent background glow throughout the whole game and intense blinking when hit. This option will be of great use in low-light conditions (buildings, labyrinths, etc.). You can easily fix the team composition and the spectators will not bother identifying the competing players.

laser tag rgb

Background glow activation requires a special alignment and has 15 degrees of brightness. This parameter is regulated according to the size of the battle layout.

Illumination will not act as a give-away factor when switched off or set on a minimum brightness level. In low-light conditions you may set a maximum brightness on your device which will allow to easily identify the players on the layout.

d) Universal power supply system and battery indicator

The autonomous operation of the headband is 48 hours. A lithium-pol battery of 1.8 Ah can be powered from any supply of the Li+ series manufactured by LASERWAR Company. You may also use power supply batteries of 5-9 V. The power supply indicator is embedded into the body and shows the state of charge. If the battery is almost drained, the headband will be deactivated by the smart electronics, to protect the device from over-discharging.
laser tag rgb

2. Ergonomics

The specialists of LASERWAR Company paid scrupulous attention to the issue of ergonomics. In comparison to the previous version of this device, our headband demonstrates better usability, design and hygienic parameters.

a) Elaborate design

The headband is equipped with 4 hit sensors. We put the battery and the controller into different cases on purpose. Thanks to this we have achieved excellent weight balance: the game-set fits your head tight and is well-balanced. Besides, the distance and reliability of Bluetooth-connection have been considerably enlarged. The design of the cases also deserves high opinion. The cases are anatomically bent in, ideally fit into the design of the whole construction. All parts are marked with our logo “LASERWAR”, so our production will never be mistaken for the products of other companies.

laser tag game set

b) Hygiene.

Thanks to changeable bеlts the same headband can be used by several people even after the most active game. Our headband consists of two layers. AirMesh is the first layer, the material of which consists of a net with 3D texture. The net is made in form of cells in the inner and outer layers. This kind of structure provides constant air circulation, adds cushion effect. All these features make the fabric ideal for usage in those places where physical effect and friction must be decreased without loss of durability.

The second layer is made of polyethylene foam, which is waterproof and protects electronics and special fabric of the outer layer from moisture, keeps them dry and clean. It is the first time that we’ve offered our clients a changeable band as part of a basic set. It is due to provide maximum comfort and cleanliness to every player.

Please follow safety rules! This game set is forbidden to wash. Only the detachable hygienic cuff is permitted to wash.

laser tag rgb

c) Comfort and lightness

Our headband has acquired more functions, but its weight is just 220 grams. It can be easily used both by an adult and a child. Thanks to its elaborate design this device is considerably better than any other similar devices on the market.
laser tag rgb

d) Reliability

The whole process of Smart headband production has been automated. The controllers are produced by machine systems, so the risk of defect is minimal and the human factor is ruled out.

3. WOW – effect.

It took us more than a year to construct engineering prototypes, to test and improve them - that is why our new headbands are sophisticated and thought out.

a) Bright RGB-light-emitting diodes

The use of high-brightness LEDs is noticeable along the entire shooting distance. Every sensor is equipped with two photo sensors, and it excludes “dead zones” unavailable for hitting. The brightness of our RGB-headband is higher than in the previous versions of the device.

b) Durability

The sensors are made of polycarbonate and they are resistant to mechanical damage. Printed-circuit boards are lacquered, so their reliable performance is guaranteed during the whole operation life. Three months’ field tests showed that the headbands are waterproof and can be used in any weather conditions.

laser tag game set

c) Vibroindication and sound effect

LASERWAR Company uses in its game sets a multistep system of sending signals to the player. For example, in case of your virtual death the headband will vibrate thrice, then the signal will be doubled with high quality acoustic signaling.

laser tag rgb

d) Price

And the price is going to be the last straw. The device is available at a very low price - 4,500 roubles. We are going to start the shipping of the first sets on March 21. Before that you may pre-order this item. It should be noted that pre-ordering is only available for ready-made products. We can provide the photos from various angles, if requested by the customer. We will answer all your questions.

We speak of the new headband version with respect, because we are sure that all laser tag players will be fond of our Smart RGB-headband. Colossal work has been done and we hope that you will appreciate the functionality of our new game-set.

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