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From year to year LASERWAR Company has been improving electronics, hardware and software components. Every step to a new qualitative level is marked with a new number. Such gradation shows the history of our company development and the stages are marked with their special features and innovations. The ninth generation is no exception. It incorporated all the best features of Generation 8, and the use of our new SMART RGB-headband gave the possibility to look at the game process from another point of view.

SMART RGB-headband is the result of long and scrupulous work of our specialists. We have made a number of constructive decisions: we have put the accumulator and the controller into two different cases, having achieved excellent weight balance. Besides, the distance and reliability of Bluetooth-connection have been 30% enlarged. With even more functions and options the headband only weighs 220 grams. We guarantee up to 48 hours of autonomous operation. A built-in power indicator will signal the necessity to recharge the game set.

The parameters of light intensity and “injury”-colours can be programmed, that is why the client can choose the most optimal settings.

The printed circuit boards are of a minimal size, thanks to the use of small-sized SMD-components, mounted onto the surface by means of automatic assemblage. The risk of defect is minimal and the human factor is ruled out. Besides, our new circuit technology allows attaching additional devices to the circuit board without changing the platform in general. The lacquer coating Nano Protect protects printed circuit boars from moisture and corrosion in extreme operating conditions.

We have carried out stats uploading to the largest social networks Facebook and Vkontakte. Pleasant design and convenient program services will not allow the user to get lost in a large amount of data, he can easily change all game settings. Our programmers invented a system of ranks, rating, players’ achievements, which will add competitiveness to the game.

Generation 9 game sets are equipped with bright OLED-displays. Absence of sun glints, high level of display contrast and sharpness guarantee comfortable playing at any time of day and night. Self lighting pixels are formed of organic light-emitting diodes, which give deep and saturated colours, consume minimum of accumulator energy.

We are working hard to make the interaction of a fighter with the weapon in the game process more and more realistic. In some models the trigger mechanism allows dual firing: semi-automatic and full-automatic. The single swiveling part of the construction functions both as the safety and fire selector switch. Now in the whole product line of Kalashnikov Assault Rifles, produced by our company, the selection of the firing mode is carried out just like in military prototypes, adding to the authenticity of the gaming process.

LASERWAR has always been voting for honest playing. We have solved the problem of shooting “from behind the corner”, having equipped our game sets with hit sensors. Now you can punish the cheater hitting his weapon. This will allow winning the time and neutralizing your enemy. This separate option is now available in the whole LASERWAR product line, except the pistols.

The use of certified optical systems is not just a question of game comfort, it is a question of safety. The hybrid optical system “Prism”, used in our equipment, underwent a number of detailed tests. As a result, we have got the certificate of photobiological safety of our equipment. On the basis of the protocol with photometric and radiometric characteristics, the equipment is admitted to be safe for playing laser tag.

Besides that, the annual tests, held by LASERWAR Company, show excellent parameters of shooting range, and it makes laser tag really different from other military sports games.

We use a multistep system of sending signals to the player. It includes vibroindication, high quality sound effects of weapons, signals of SMART RGB-headband. All sound effects can be easily readjusted with the help of our laser tag configurator. Create your own presets, personify your weapon and the sound of your tagger will stick in your enemy’s memory forever.

RGB-headbands change their colour depending on the scenario chosen: in “Zombie” they are green, in “Terminator” – yellow. The process of zombie revival is visualized with RGB LEDs. There appeared an opportunity to create personal game personages.

You should also pay attention to the background glow technology used in our Smart RGB-headbands. This option has 15 degrees of brightness and it can be switched off if necessary. There is no need to use additional attachments to differentiate the players of the opposing teams. The time of adhesive tape on your weapon and scotch tape on your bands is gone. The 9th generation offers an elegant way to solve this problem.

Now it will not be a problem to spot the fire point. Each hit sensor is equipped with a vibration motor. Only the sensors that registered IR-radiation will go off when the player is hit. The player will have to thoroughly disguise himself and change his position more often not to be discovered. And for those who are under fire it will be easier to coordinate their actions: to find a better shelter, to adjust the fire of comrades – these are the elements thanks to which the multizonal approach is so much adored by laser tag players. This unique function is only implemented in LASERWAR game sets.

We pay special attention to the issue of honest gaming. A player may commit a virtual suicide, switching off the power supply of the RGB-headband. Our new anti-cheat system will demand reloading the weapon and will not allow to continue the game. With the help of a tact switch we have solved the problem of accidental activation of headbands in the process of transportation. This feature has already been appreciated by club owners and supervisors.

Our RGB-headband cover consists of two layers. AirMesh is the first layer, the material of which consists of a net with 3D texture. The net is made in form of cells in the inner and outer layers. This kind of structure provides durability, constant air circulation, adds cushion effect.

The second layer is made of polyethylene foam, which is waterproof and protects electronics and special fabric of the outer layer from moisture, keeps them dry and clean. It is the first time that we offer to our clients a changeable cover as part of our basic set. It is due to provide maximum comfort and cleanliness to every player.

With the help of Feedback technology, any shot, injury, absence of ammunition are accompanied with pleasant vibroindication. This function is well-known to players and is successfully used in such gamepads as Playstation and Xbox. We have always been striving to achieve authenticity of the game process, that is why we decided to use this technology in our products.

The operation of the vibration motor requires no second accumulator, which is convenient for integration into a wide range of products. We have also taken into consideration players’ comfort: our recoil is gentle, but rather tangible. Feedback can be configured with the help of our laser tag configurator, so the recoil can be switched off, but you may leave the effect when injured or dead, and therefore the time of autonomous operation will be increased.

To avoid a large number of ricochets while playing indoors, we have added smooth adjustment of firing power to the remote control. So it will take you just a couple of seconds to readjust all the taggers for night scenarios or indoor playing. This parameter can be regulated from 1 to 100%.

LASERWAR is the company that created a multifunctional storage device for simultaneous recharging of 6 game sets. This device is called SPIDER. The average recharging time for the Smart Li+ storage device is 1-3 hours. It must be good news for those who need to recharge a large number of devices within the shortest possible time. The deadman timer, molded connector, high quality microchip – these features really allow us to speak about a new standard of laser tag chargers.

All the functions and options brought together in one generation will make the equipment v. 9 Smart the most popular on the laser tag market. We are happy to rise to a new level of development together with you - players, supervisors, laser tag clubs owners. We are grateful for your choice of LASERWAR Company.



LASERWAR COMPANY is happy to present the unique Smart RGB-headband. This headband is the result of long and painstaking working process involving all the members of our team. It took more than a year to work out the final version. We are absolutely sure that the new band will have a tremendous effect on the game process making your dreams come true! But let us get down to the heart of the matter.



The LASERWAR on-line store offers a wide range of laser tag equipment. At our site a user will find everything: from unsophisticated pistols to authentic mass-dimensional automatic rifles and machine-guns. We produce a great variety of laser tag gear for any game script: mines, bombs, hand grenades, etc. A newbie in the laser tag world is easily taken aback by our wide range of models. If you hesitate what to choose from our equipment, this review will help you take the right decision. Here we present the taggers which have proven best in many laser tag battles: from private tournaments to large-scale public events. Choosing them you trust the reliable opinion of our company’s experts and of those who have successfully tested that equipment. So, here is the list of best-selling LASERWAR models.

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International Laser Tag Tournament 2018: results

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LASERWAR game statistics collection systems

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LASERWAR represents the 10th X-Generation

LASERWAR represents the 10th X-Generation

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VPK Medved

VPK Medved

Covering the activity of our country's busy laser tag clubs has already become a tradition in our company. Today, we interviewed online Andrey Malyarov – a pragmatic and self-motivated