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The 10th generation of the LASERWAR equipment

Year after year LASERWAR grows and brings joy to its customers with innovative developments. We keep step with the progress and implement the most advanced technologies into our production. Each new LASERWAR generation becomes a milestone in a laser tag world.

We know full well for what clients are waited from our laser tag equipment — the ability to read game statistics online. And the 10th generation equipment can do that. Thanks to it, today LASERWAR is the only company at the market offering offline (4 — 9th generations), online (10th generation) and real-time (CYBERTAG) statistics technologies for different specialized platforms.
So, what are the advantages of the X-Generation?

X-Core module

Unique X-Core module

At the base of the 10th generation is a module we called X-Core. For the first time, this unique LASERWAR development combines state-of-art technologies — 802.11n Wi-Fi standard, Bluetooth v. 4.2 BR/EDR, and BLE. 802.11n Wi-Fi standard with 2.4 GHz frequency guarantees high throughput capacity, high speed and wide range of the wireless network. It will provide the best performance and allow transmitting huge volumes of data. With such Wi-Fi standard, the module becomes able to transfer data with the speed 150 Mbit per second speed. Of course, the real speed will be lower, but it still will reach the record 20Mbit per second. With such numbers, recording the weapon parameters will take merely a fraction of second, while recording sounds and updating the firmware will go several times faster than with previous laser tag generations.


Along with the new X-Core module, we have created a special 10th generation plate. It has the same size as the 9th generation plates which allow integrating it into any equipment of this generation while the X-gen plate contains 1,5 times more elements. A thorough routing of electric conductors and components allowed us to optimize the heating of the plate. It is needed for the reliable device operation during the heaviest frosts and in high humidity.

Process automation

High-level automation of production

Placing of our plates at the billets is perfect for automated installation. The robots at the automated production line assemble all the new plate series. We  control all of the processes in full, maintaining a high level of quality at each stage of the electronics assembly.

Lasertag software UI

Advanced software

We have released the newest software for the X-generation — LASERWAR online configurator. It features a user-friendly interface and convenient tile design. Thanks to it, user can easily navigate in any section of the configurator.

Laserwar X-generation UI Laserwar X-generation UI Laserwar X-generation UI Laserwar X-generation UI Laserwar X-generation UI Laserwar X-generation UI Laserwar X-generation UI Laserwar X-generation UI

The software is not only beautifully designed, but is also comfortable for everyday use. For example, the configurator allows to adjust the settings online, without any additional interactions with the equipment.

UI roles

The new LASERWAR configurator allows to create lots of unique scenarios. We won`t stop at standard «Zombies» or «Vampires». In 10th generation, we have widened the concept of the game world for all possible laser tag types. We are going to add the possibility to level-up your characters, stalker scenarios, many role-play characters, plus other options. All of it brings laser tag games on a whole new level.

X-generation compatibility


The Ten supports all additional laser tag devices remotes, grenades, mines, first aid kits, artifacts, control points, battle bases and many others.

LASERWAR equipment is developed with back compatibility principle. Even years after obtaining the devices, our customers can modernize them for a small fee and maintain the gear in actuality.

For example, if you use 9th gen headbands with adjustable firmware, you don`t have to buy the new ones to transfer to X-gen. Just update the firmware with the help of online configurator.

Revolutionary Parallax optical system

A revolutional LASERWAR development in laser tag optics. Flash suppressors were used as a basis. Taggers fitted with Parallax scopes look like combat weapon samples. Compared to the Prism hybrid, the length and the diameter of the barrel of the new optical system are almost 3 times as small. Compared to the previous generation optics Prism, the distance has increased by 50–60%. The new Parallax scopes are made from thermoplastic polymer, which is just as good as other highly durable polymers used for construction purposes. The tests that were held showed that Parallax will withstand hard wear, while the internal components are well protected against humidity, dirt, dust, and snow. Optics are completely safe for the eyes.

«Prism» and «Parallax» are the first Russian optical systems for laser tag officially certified with both Russian national and international standards. It allows us to consider them one of the best in their class.

Smart RGB headbend

This device doesn`t have counterparts from any European manufacturer.

Autonomous operation time is up to 48 hours. Glow brightness and hit color parameters are adjustable. There is an option of creating your own game characters. The backlight function has 15 grades of brightness and allows to mark the players of opposing teams.

Another feature of the headband is a multi-zone function, unique for LASERWAR game sets. Each hit sensor is equipped with a vibration motor. When you are hitted, only the sensors that registered the IR pulse will be activated.

By the way, the same sensors are used in our laser tag vests. LASERWAR produces three types of vests, which are available in four color variations. These devices not only add authenticity to the game, but also stand out with high functionality. The strong nylon bands sewn onto the vest form cells. They will easily accommodate items and devices with different functions: cases, cartridge pouches, grenades, a torch and even a laser tag knife.

The vest has a waist band which, besides its main function, supports a player’s back, thus decreasing load impact. The size adjusts easily, and you can take the vest on and off without other person`s help.

Feedback technology

Feedback technology

Makes the feeling of game highly realistic. For the proper effect, shots, hits, «no ammo» signals are followed by vibro indication. Vibration is gentle but sensible, so the player won`t miss the moment of the hit. The vibration motor providing backfire doesn`t need a second battery, so the technology is available for the widest range of game weapons. Set up Feedback parameters by the means of laser tag configurator. If you turn off the backfire after the shot but turn on the vibration after hits and death, it can prolong the battery life.

Rich sound

Rich sound

61 sound effects are available for the owners of our equipment. All sounds can be easily readjusted by the means of the online configurator. VECO speakers provide quality sound during the game. As for «Phoenixes» and «Predators» which proven themselves excellently in rental clubs, we present Pro Signal speakers. This sound emitter model doesn`t fear moisture and fits well for playing outdoors. The increased power output supply brings juice to the sound and prolongs the life cycle of the device.

OLED display

OLED display

Guarantees comfortable playing during day and night. Its major features are full glare protection in the sunlight, high level of contrast and sharpness. Provides deep and saturated colors, while consuming minimal battery energy. The 10th generation equipment supports OLED displays, displaying the number of ammo, lives, magazines, and firing modes, IR power and team colors, service messages, battery energy scale.

Anti-cheat system

Anti-cheat system

The game sets are enhanced with defeat sensors that allow the player to punish cheater by striking their weapon. It is a great way to buy time and disarm the opponent. The new anti-cheat system requires reloading the game weapon after turning off the power of the RGB headband, so the player can`t continue the game after virtual suicide.

Anti-ricochet system

Anti-ricochet system

The function of gradual shot power adjustment allows to avoid a large number of ricochets. That`s why you can set up all taggers at once for night scenarios or indoor games in several seconds. The parameter adjusts on a scale from 1 to 100%.



The 10th generation equipment operates on lithium Li+ and Smart Li+ batteries providing up to 36 hours of great performance. Safety timer, molded socket, and quality microchip — this is the new standard of charging devices for laser tag equipment.

Firing mode switch

Firing mode switch

Save ammo in battle by switching from bursts to firing three bullets per shot.