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In the news section of our website we cover world’s most prominent laser tag events, yet there is more about it. Here, we give an advice on establishing a laser tag club, share information about new scenarios, offers and discounts. In our articles, clubs’ directors share their experiences, impressions and knowledge.

LASERWAR is the only company that stays up to date with everything that happens within its own field, as it covers various events. Every year we hold and cover the International Laser Tag Tournament. Players from different countries take part in it. It is one of the greatest events, in which there are no taking chances and every player tests his ability, stamina and will to succeed.

The company assists with professional development, too. We talk about the tournaments where top laser tag teams get together. Just recently we launched the Open LASERWAR Cup. This tournament is known for its strict rules, unambiguous arbitration, well-designed play fields. As well as for the generous prizes from the manufacturers.

You can read about these events on our website. Should you want to learn more about modern laser tag, our PRESSROOM is here for you.