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Laser tag gun Hornet Laser tag gun Hornet

Always hits the target

The "Hornet" laser tag pistol is a complete cycle product from LASERWAR.. Everything in it, from the idea to the details of the body, is the result of our specialists' work. For more than two years we have been looking for a balance between innovation, quality and authenticity and now we are proud to introduce a new, unique product for the laser tag industry.

Laser tag gun Hornet

This model was named after an impressive and dangerous insect with good reason. "Hornet" is a compact but powerful and precise laser tag weapon. It is the only gun in the LASERWAR series equipped with Parallax optics. The owner of such a device is capable of hitting targets from a distance up to 100 meters.

That number could have been more, but we decided that there was no point in competing with a sniper rifle on the battlefield. Each type of weapon has its own specific tasks, and "Hornet" can handle 100% of its own. With this range of fire, it will be a perfect partner for a sniper or attacker. Laser tag pistol tournaments are also becoming a reality.

Laser tag weapon Hornet

What else makes this gun stand out?

Two bolts included in the package. We have taken into account the wishes of the players. Now they can install a bolt with or without a Picatinny rail. Whether or not to add a sight to your weapon is only your choice.

Laser tag weapon Hornet

Bolt reloading

Another step towards the authenticity of the laser tag game set. "Hornet" is felt in the hand as a real combat weapon and is as close to it as possible in its functionality - use the bolt to reload the weapon, forget about buttons!

Lasertag UI
Lasertag UI
Lasertag UI
Lasertag UI
Lasertag UI
Lasertag UI

Modern OLED display

Today, OLED is an advanced information display technology. It has been an integral part of LASERWAR models for a long time. The display on the "Hornet" body shows the number of rounds and HP of the player. The screen does not glare and guarantees a bright image.

Quality sound

Laser tag interactive sound

"Hornet" is equipped with a proprietary speaker from VECO. It provides a loud and clear sound of the weapon. The loudspeaker is recessed into the weapon body and does not interfere with its ergonomic design. A stylish double X-shaped grille protects the sound device from external influences.

Variability of equipment

The buyer decides for himself what his "Hornet" will be. You can buy the weapon with or without an OLED-display. Our designers have provided several versions of the model, in any case, it comes with two bolts. You choose equipment that meets your goals, and we quickly make a high-quality product.

10-th generation of LASERWAR LASERWAR laser tag configurator
LASERWAR laser tag configurator

With "Hornet" you can create game statistics and change weapon settings online, without any additional manipulation with the model.

Design convenience

Hornet laser tag gun *

The power socket and the turn-on button are hidden at the bottom of the pistol grip. It will help to avoid accidental button activations in the heat of the game - nothing will distract you from laser skirmishes.


Technical characteristics

The model is designed to work with laser tag equipment of 8,9,10 generations.

Laser tag gun from inside
The weight is
350 grams
The length is
22 cm
Material -
weapons-grade plastic
The wall thickness is –
more than 3 millimetres
Battery life –
up to 20 hours
Optimal range –
100 meters
Type of the battery used –
LI+ (2.2AH; 7.4V)
Charger type –
automatic, LI+ (8.4V; 1000mA)