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Reliability military quality

Electronics integration is carried out with minimal interference in the layout design. The traditional optical tubes used in the LASERWAR gaming laser tag kits are similar in appearance to flash suppressors or silent shooting devices and add realism.

The inclusion of tagers is carried out by transferring the fuse to the firing mode, reloading is implemented on the shutter. 100 percent authenticity: what could be better than a sense of realism during a laser tag fight?

Laser tag soldier

Authenticity real experience

Infantry fighting vehicle

We produce all types of game kits, based on mass-dimensional layouts (MDL) and decommissioned weapons.

Gaming laser tag kits based on mass-size mock-ups or decommissioned, wetted weapons are the basis of the LASERWAR arsenal. The cases of the tagers are fully consistent with the originals with the exception of one thing: the possibility of firing live ammunition.

Materials of manufacture are: steel, weapon plastic, wood. A laser tag fighter who has chosen such a tager will need good physical preparation and endurance - the mass of game sets is no different from combat prototypes.

MDL based tagers gained great popularity at the box office not only for its entourage appearance, but also for its phenomenal vitality. These game kits will easily endure all the difficulties of a rental life and will delight your club players for a long time.

The LineUP Steel edition

laser tag gun svd-s hunter

SVD-S Hunter

laser tag gun rpk-74m hail

RPK-74M Hail

laser tag gun vss vintorez alfa

VSS Vintorez Alpha

laser tag gun svd-s hunter

AK-12 Irbis

laser tag gun minigun 134


laser tag gun svk rossich

SVK Rossich

laser tag gun M-76 zastava

M-76 Zastava

laser tag gun ak-105 bars

AK-105 Bars

laser tag gun akm legend

AKM Legend

laser tag gun viking p-446

P-446 Viking
Steel edition

laser tag gun pm pistolet makarova

PM Makarov pistol

laser tag gun grach

MP-443 Grach Yarygin pistol


Classics of world arms manufacturing, available to all laser tag fighters. Entourage, reliability and quality are embodied in gaming kits based on Kalashnikovs.

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