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Assault rifle ar-15 ranger

laser tag weapom ar-15 ranger

The legend of the American army and a worthy opponent of the Kalashnikov assault rifle is now in the arsenal of LASERWAR

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A new era of laser tag
A new era of laser tag
New age of laser tag
Video ar-15 ranger

More about the advantages of the AR-15 «RANGER» in our video review

ar-15 ranger body for laser tag

Familiarity and uniqueness

Recognizable features of AR-15 in the corporate LASERWAR style with high detail layout, each detail is functional and thought out.

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AR-15 Ranger body

The body is made of the weapon-grade plastic and equipped with a large
number of additional parts.
According to the tradition of

Everything is 
and ergonomic
as possible.

  • Multiple Picatinny rails
  • Fire mode translator
  • Acoustic socket
  • Recharge unit
  • Switch-on lock system
  • Flame arrester
ar-15 ranger body for laser tag Trigger ar-15 ranger laserwar


The smooth movement and the highest reliability of the on-contact trigger system guarantee millions shots without misfire. We have invested more than a decade of design experience in its development.

Replicas of ar-15 ranger from laserwar Picatinny rails in the laser tag weapon

Picatinny rails

For those who strive for the ideal. You can install any optical and collimator sights on Picatinny rails, laser designators, tactical lights and handles for your weapon. On top, on the bottom, on the sides - everything is limited only by your imagination.

Body with laserwar stock Laserwar padded stock


Our quality is in the details. A comfortable buttstock with a recognizable shape is manufactured with a special cheek support, a wide shoulder strap clip and a soft rubber shoulder pad prevent slipping.

ar-15 ranger hull with laserwar tactical grip Tactical grip for laser tag laserwar

Tactical grip

The handle is capable of transforming your weapon in a few seconds. It can be installed instantly, adjusted to your preference and has a lightweight design. Your weapon will be always perfectly balanced.

Ar-15 pistol grip housing ranger from laserwar pistol grip from laserwar

Pistol grip

The weapon is as comfortable as possible in all weather conditions, even if you play with tactical gloves. The grip is designed with the anatomical features of the hand, it is perfect for experienced and young players.

ar-15 ranger body with laserwar sights Rear sight and front sight for laser tag weapons from laserwar


The rear sight and front sight can be attached to the body in a matter of seconds and can withstand the most violent play. They can be easily removed to install an optical or a collimator sight.

ar-15 ranger case with ParallaX optics Parallax optics laserwar

Optical systems

The AR-15 is equipped with the Prism optical laser tag system by default, its characteristics are ideal for the rental clubs. Also this model can be equipped with ParallaX optics — this optic demands special accuracy in aiming and has a huge defeat distance. The ParallaX system is patented by LASERWAR, certified and safe for players.

ar-15 ranger case with oled display laserwar oled display for laser tag weapons laserwar

OLED display

A bright contrasting image is visible both in the sun and in the total darkness. This display has low battery consumption.

  • Identical recharge

    We give our players a weapon that is fully consistent with the original. Replaceable magazine and bolt reload — everything is like in a battle!

  • Sound

    A powerful speaker located in a dedicated acoustic socket provides high-quality sound. Each game event has a soundtrack. A smart tagger will tell you when the ammo or hit points are low and will remind you to respawn.

  • Fair play

    The rifle’s optical system includes a defeat sensor and in the event of foul play or shooting from around a corner, your weapon can be disabled by an enemy shot. Fair play, fair rules.

  • Smart electronics

    You can fully devote your attention to tactics and strategy, when you play with AR-15, and impartial electronics will monitor compliance with the rules. Misses and hits, health and ammunition, everything is controlled by the «electronic brain» of your AR-15.

  • Manufacture

    We design the cases for our weapons ourselves and guarantee the quality of each detail. Its production takes 2-3 years, but the result is worth it. Our taggers form the backbone of most rental laser tag clubs.

  • Shot illumination

    The bright cross-shaped shot illumination will allow you to control your fire and see its direction.

  • Tactile feedback

    You will feel the shots of the AR-15 RANGER due to the vibration feedback system. The feedback system works softly, but perceptibly, so you won’t miss the moment of being hit.

  • No wires

    Bluetooth adapters provide a comfortable and reliable connection between the weapon in the hands of the player and the headband on his head without wires interfering the game.

Laser tag players with ar-15 ranger by laserwar

Technical specifications

Length ar-15 ranger laserwarLength
72 cm
Height ar-15 ranger laserwarHeight
26 cm
Width ar-15 ranger laserwarWidth
6 cm
Weight ar-15 ranger laserwarWeight
1300 g
ar-15 ranger laserwar working hoursWorking hours
36 h
Range of defeat ar-15 ranger laserwarRange of defeat
350 m
ar-15 ranger laserwar batteryBattery
Li+ (3000 mAh, 7.4 V)
ar-15 ranger laserwar chargerСharger
Li+ (8.4; 1000 mA)


Original sights ar-15 ranger laserwarOriginal sights a
2 side rails + 2 rails for sight and tactical grip ar-15 ranger laserwar2 side rails + 2 rails for sight and tactical grip
OLED display optional ar-15 ranger laserwar OLED display optionally
Weapon barrel defeat sensor ar-15 ranger laserwar Weapon barrel defeat sensor
characteristics ar-15 ranger from laserwar

Revolution in outdoor
laser tag games

ar-15 ranger layout laserwar


They are inseparable, like light and shadow. Anywhere in the world, they have their long-standing dispute, ancient as good and evil. More than once they had to confront each other on the battlefields, but today they are on the same side. The legend of the American army AR-15 «Ranger» is a worthy opponent of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, it is now in the LASERWAR arsenal!

AR-15 opens a new era of laser tag. All the latest ideas in the industry are collected in one layout that will revolutionize your image of this game!

Detailed design. The meticulous design of the internal structure provides the unmatched durability that characterizes LASERWAR models. Each component of the device, from switches and batteries to electronic modules and displays, is located in a strictly designated area, specially designed for it. All components of the layout are securely fixed, which gives +100 to its reliability.

Body. Developing the body of the new rifle, we have set ourselves the goal of creating a recognizable weapon model with individual unique features. And we did it.

Battery. A 3000 mAh lithium battery will allow you to play for up to one and a half days without recharging in winter or summer.

Power lock..The reliable LASERWAR standard power lock will prevent accidental shutdown of the tager during the most dynamic gaming moments. Your weapon is always ready for battle!

Charging socket.. It is located on the stock and is reliably protected from moisture and dust by a rubber liner. We take our products seriously!


Software for any request

We are proud of being the first in the laser tag industry who creates their own line of software products, including universal configurators for PCs, Android tablets and mobile phones.

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