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Explosive possibilities for your laser tag club

This is a device that simulates the detonation of vehicles and buildings. The headband and tagger are responsible for the player's hp. The vehicles have DOME for that purpose.

The DOME is involved in every other major scenario laser tag game.

That's our customers' wishes.


Large games use cars or military vehicles to transport large numbers of players. This is handy if the scenario includes moving a sabotage team to the other end of the playground or transporting the "dead" to the respawn area.

Now imagine that the equipment cannot be destroyed by laser tag weapons. An ordinary UAZ will be transformed into an armored train that no enemy can handle. That violates the basic principles of laser tag - fair play and equal opportunities for all. The DOME is restoring justice.

If a fighter in laser tag has a bandage and a tager for "lives", then a technique - "Dome". The Dome restores justice.


You can easily place the DOME in any location indicated by the scenario. The magnet at the base of the device will hold it securely in place on the metal surface of the car. Three screw holes allow the device to be installed on wooden or concrete structures.


Clear lines, sharp edges and grooves - you'd never mistake the DOME for another device. The concise design is complemented by stickers. The branded font, visually clear pictograms and logo are performed in the best LASERWAR tradition.


No gaps, crevices, open connectors. The power socket is protected by a special rubber half-belt. Moisture and dirt have no chance of getting in, which means the DOME won't let you down in any weather.


The DOME is a compact and lightweight device. The base is only 13 cm in diameter and weighs 470 g. There's no need to choose which device to take with you on the road: there's always a place for the DOME in your arsenal and on the battlefield.


The DOME will delight you with a powerful piezo signal and bright light indication. The device is visible from afar at any time of day or in any weather. LED modules make the backlighting of the device clearly visible from any angle.


All of the DOME's energy is concentrated in a 2.2 Ah lithium battery. It provides up to 48 hours of continuous operation. The device can withstand two days of play without interruption. What about you?


The DOME is the variety of your laser tag games. With this game set, you will learn new scenarios. Introduce a tank or an armored vehicle into the game, convert a bunker or a building into a special facility. Set your damage limit to 100 and the DOME is invulnerable to sniper and machine gun fire. Write in the configurator the IDs of fighters who can "blow up" combat vehicles, and you have a role-playing laser tag game. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


Want more special effects? Connect a relay and use pyrocartridges or crackers together with the DOME. Light, sound, smoke, live emotions and maximum realism!


The parameters of the DOME can easily be changed to suit your tasks using the laser tag Configurator. Set the number of health units, damage, specify who can hit the DOME, and the story will play out in a new way. You can download the program from our website completely free of charge.

The DOME will make your games look like a Hollywood action movie. Photo and video reports from such events will be the best advertisement for your club. You content will become viral on social media and talked about in the laser tag community. Bingo! You're tall in the saddle.


  • Weight: 0.47 kg
  • Base diameter: 13 cm
  • Height: 13 cm
  • Battery life: up to 48 hours
  • Type of battery used: Li+ (2.2 ah; 7.4 v)
  • Charger type: Li+ (8.4; 1000 ma) (to be purchased separately)