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Android configurator

The country's first Android mobile app.

Writes tactical and technical settings into laser tag equipment, using ready-made or custom-game settings, reads game statistics of taggers.

Use the configurator to

  • create and edit game characters;
  • use pre-defined presets for game settings and create your own;
  • choose music for game events;
  • record game parameters simultaneously in several sets of laser tag equipment;
  • read, save and even post game statistics to social networks.
With the Android configurator, you can use laser tag game sets that are version 7 or higher.

Firmware Update

The app allows you to update your equipment's firmware. This requires that the hardware be in Boot mode.

When the app is started, the configurator will automatically search for a new firmware version.

Comprehensive work

Using configurator you can write the same settings to all taggers, or write different game parameters to different game sets at the same time.

As a bonus, the configurator can simultaneously read statistics from multiple game sets.

PC functionality goes mobile

Performance settings

This tab allows you to view and change ID data, team colors, and friendly fire, auto-start and auto-reload settings for each game set.


This section creates or edits presets - ready-made sets of performance characteristics that can be quickly written into the equipment in the Configuration section.


Game characters can be found under the Characters section. You can modify them or even create your own and then write them in game sets after they've been created.


You can customize the standard sound set in Laser Tag Equipment v. 8 to your preference. In the Sounds section, you can listen to and update the sounds of game events.

And most importantly, it's FREE
Has always been and always will be.
Download and install the mobile configurator now!

Laser tag configurator is an indispensable tool for the instructor. Available for iOS and Android users.


Taggers are not displayed in the program. What to do?
Go to Bluetooth and make sure that the name of the Wi-Fi network of the taggers matches the name of the Wi-Fi network provided by the router. A Bluetooth adapter will be required if your computer does not have a built-in Bluetooth.
How to update the app?
Automatic application updates should be enabled in your Microsoft Store account settings. This will allow the LASERWAR UI configurator to receive automatic updates.
How is the firmware updated?
Before starting the firmware update, the tagger's game statistics must be cleared with a command from the remote control or the LASERWAR USB database. The replacement begins with reflashing the Wi-Fi module. The firmware is then changed for the tagger and headband. Failure to follow the boot sequence may lead to loss of functionality.
Can I add my own scenarios to the collection? How many are there in total?
13 scenarios are available in the configurator for laser tag games. They are sure to excite any laser tag enthusiast! You are allowed to modify any of the available scenarios.
Which social media platforms allow for the stats publication?
VKontakte and Facebook are used to export game stats. A PDF file is also saved.
What are the requirements for connecting the software?
A Wi-Fi router is required to establish communication with the taggers. When playing outdoors, you will need a Windows 10 notebook or tablet and an external battery to power the router.
What are the requirements for recording audio files in taggers?
The Sounds section contains the standard sound effects used in Generation X-Gen laser tag equipment. To add your own, the audio file uploaded to the configurator must meet the following requirements: .WAV; 11025 Hz; 8 bit; Mono.