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Smart RGB-headband Smart approach to laser tag devices

The tagger and the headband in laser tag form a single whole. After the shot is fired, the headband sensors catch the IR pulse, change its colors to those of the corresponding team and vibrate, which means that the player is hit. This mechanism is the basis of an outdoor laser tag. We have brought it to perfection and added functionality for even greater comfort of the player. This is how the Smart RGB headband came into being.

Laser tag headband

Five advantages of smart RGB-headband

Multi-zone: detect the direction of coming shots

The headband is equipped with four sensors that detect the IR impulse. The headband has a multizone function so that the player can understand the direction of coming shots. It means that only those sensors that have been received the IR pulse will be triggered. One more 'plus' to realism.

The 'anti-cheat' system: no cheating!

In the past, 'cheating' used to flourish in laser tag. The player could turn off the headband for a while in order to be able to change the combat position. SmartRGB headband does not leave a chance for cheaters. When you re-enable the device, it will give a loud beep, the color of diodes will become purple, the gun will stop shooting. And the cheater will be detected! In addition, the new 'Anti-cheat' system will not allow accidental turning on of the headband, so the device is even easier to transport.

Background glow: spectacular and practical

What did the rival teams wear to tell a friend from a foe? They used a multicolored Scotch tape on rifles and headband, wrapped the taggers in duct tape... Forget about it. The background glow function in the headband is a practical technology for spectacular games. The headband can be adjusted so that it shines all over the place and blinks brightly when the player is hit. This mode is convenient for playing indoors, in dark labyrinths. Each team has its own color, so it will be easy to distinguish a friend from a foe.

The glow will not betray the player showing his position: its brightness is regulated on a scale 1 - 15 from the weakest to the brightest level. Set the required parameter depending on the playground you plan to play on. With such a device you can enjoy the game even at night and in primitive lighting.

Hit sensors without dead spots

Each of the four sensors is equipped with two photo sensors, which eliminates blind spots. Simply put, the headband has no areas that are inaccessible. The sensors provide 360° horizontal and 180° vertical impact angles.

Thoughtful alert system

LASERWAR has developed a multi-stage player alert system for all its devices. SmartRGB headband is not an exception. All the effects are recorded in a professional studio to ensure the best sound quality. Thus, a virtual 'death' is signaled by a three-level vibration, followed by a clear and loud sound signal.

Even more advantages

Perfect balance

Our designers specifically placed the battery and control board of the headband in different bodies. This is how we achieved a good weight distribution: the headband does not slide to one side, it sits tightly and comfortably on the head. Blocks with electronics have a concave shape and fully fit into the overall design.

Suitable for kids and adults

Caring about cleanliness and health. It is convenient for both a kid and an adult to play with such a device. The length of the headband is adjusted using a touch and close fastener, so that the device is suitable for any size of player.

Ergonomics in detail

The headband is designed to be a single whole with the player. There are no protruding tubes, sticky parts, dangling parts or sharp corners.

Durability and reliability

The sensors are made of polycarbonate and withstand mechanical damage. The boards are protected by lacquer coating. Thanks to it, electronics will last a long time. For three months we tested the headbands in the field and made sure they were not afraid of rain and damp. Give them a try yourself!

Caring about cleanliness and health

Each headband comes with a replacement cuff. It is convenient and hygienic: when the games at the rental club go one after the other, you can change your cuff and quickly return the headband to the game.

Cuffs for Smart RGB headbands deserve special attention. The cuff is made up of two layers. The first is a polyethylene foam substrate, which protects electronics from moisture.

The modern AirMesh material touches the player's skin. Such a high quality coating is used in the manufacture of sporting goods by the world's leading brands. AirMesh is a mesh material consisting of three layers of knitted fabric. They form cells of different sizes. The material is perfectly breathable; it can be washed and dries quickly. It is hypoallergenic and does not cause irritation to the skin. It is durable and long-lasting, preserving the appearance of the product for a long time.

5 colours to suit all tastes

The Smart RGB headband is not only smart, but also stylish. Choose from five shades of fabric - black, pixel, multicam, woodland, attax. Pick the fabric to match the color of your camouflage suit or the club's signature colors. Let the eye enjoy the perfect combination of colors.

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Battery status display

A power indicator is built into the headband body, which will tell you when the game set needs to be recharged. If the battery is on edge, smart electronics will turn off the headband itself to protect the battery from deep discharge. Headband charging is easy. It will require any device of LASERWAR Li+ series - except the Spider Charger. Power adapters with 5-9 volts will also work.

Computer-aided precision assembly without flaws

We automated the whole assembly process of smart headbands. The boards are assembled by a machine group so the risk of making defective headbands is minimal, the human factor is excluded.

The Smart RGB headband is a new standard for outdoor laser tag. In terms of the combination of convenience, price and quality, our device has no competitors on the market. Thousands of rental clubs around the world confirm this: for them, laser tag and Smart RGB headband are part of the same whole.

Join in and discover a new level of laser tag together with LASERWAR

220 grams
Battery type:
LI+ (1,8 AH)
Charger type: LI+
Operating time: up to 30 h
polyethylene foam, fabric AirMesh, polycarbonate, plastic

LASERWAR: the best hit sensors for laser tag and not just headbands!

All technologies that are available in branded headbands are also used to create laser tag vests. Choose from the following vests: RGB hostage Pro, a tactical vest, a load bearing vest, a laser tag vest with Smart RGB option. Each of them is available for ordering in five colors. Covers, grenades, a torch or laser tag knife - all of these can be placed in the MOLLE system fastening straps that all vests are equipped with. At the same time, the weight of additional equipment is reduced by the surrounding strip. The size can be easily adjusted from size 46to 60, and you can take off or put on your vest without any extra help. The LASERWAR range also includes other original devices with sensors - tactical shields, helmets and even a pirate bicorne. This variety of hit sensors provides endless possibilities for your laser tag club!

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