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Think twice before making a step


A new level of realism in laser tag! Prepare ambushes, surprise players with unexpected plot twists, add emotion and sound to the battles.

The Cerberus simulates the action of a tripwire mine: it hits players within its range using an infra-red pulse. Place a laser tag mine at the playground or arena and the fighters will have to calculate every step towards victory.

Invisible, dangerous, unforgiving. The Cerberus is a real game changer.

How does it work?

LASERWAR developers were guided by the principle "Everything is simple, but of genius". We found a new use for familiar technology. The infra-red sensors filter out any interference and react only to movement. That prevents false alarms.

There are three ways to detonate the mine:

IR sensors detect a movement in the vicinity. Another mine or grenade goes off nearby. The player shoots at the device with a laser tag weapon.

The Cerberus means:

On the front side there are are 8 IR LEDs, 2 IR-sensors and 1 red LED-indicator. On the reverse side there are slots in the body, behind which there are two speakers. On the bottom of the body, there is a charging socket with a rubber plug on the half-belt, and a power button. On top you can find a fuse slot protected with a plug. There are protruding ribs on the back of the body with openings for metal pins. There are 2 lugs on each side.

New scenarios for your club

The Cerberus breathes new life into familiar scenarios such as Capture the Flag or Holding the Control Point. Now, in addition to an "enemy bullet", a fighter can now be hit by a landmine's IR pulse. The device can hit both: teammates and opponents depending on the settings. The maximum range is 12 m.


Set the device to "explode" and it will "eliminate" all the nearby players, regardless of the team color. Select the firing mode and the mine will deliver a series of pulses with maximum damage to only one of the teams.

Formidable appearance

The American M18A1 personnel mine and Russian MOH-50 mine served as prototypes. The Cerberus looks intimidating, but kills only virtually.

Explosive sound

Audio effects are handled by two 1W speakers and proprietary studio-produced sound. This melange gives maximum realism to the detonation - as if a real projectile were exploding nearby.

Durable for rental

The body is made of shockproof plastic. The mine will not crack or split even if it falls. The matte black color will help camouflage the device in inconspicuous places, and your ambush will be a success.

Easy setup

No smartphone or PC and no software are required to change the settings. The device is easy to set up with a plug-key, power button and Nano remote control.

Easy to transport

The laser tag mine is a compact device. The weight is only 580 g, 21 cm long, 15 high and 8 thick. The Cerberus is handy to take to the range, to the playground for a scenario game or a competition.

Even more possibilities

Control the Cerberus remotely. A special fob - a radio fuze - allows you to activate the laser tag mine from afar. The remote control works up to 80 m in an open area and up to 40 m in an area with obstacles. The radio fuse makes the Cerberus even more unpredictable!

Add a little bit of "fire"

Planning to use pyrotechnics at the games? The Cerberus will make it easy. Add the "pyro-packet pairing" function to the device. This optoin differs from the standard one in the firmware and the pairing circuitry with the e-match. Sensor triggering causes not only an infrared explosion, but also a pyro detonation. To order, specify the required option in the online shop.

Hiding is USELESS

We offer a sturdy strap with a plastic lock and length adjustment for the laser tag mine. Place the Cerberus in an unexpected place - on a pole or a tree - and "surprise" the fighters with a death-dealing blow.

Use a set of metal pins that will allow you to set a mine on soft ground or in the snow at just the right angle. The lurking Cerberus will reveal itself at the right moment.

Technical characteristics

  • Weight - 580 g
  • Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 8 cm
  • Battery: Li, 2.2 Ah
  • Charger type: Li+ (8.4; 1000 MA)
  • Operating time: 36 h
  • The blast radius is up to 12 m