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LASERWAR UI update. Digital Flag firmware
The new release of LASERWAR online configurator, version 1.123 is already available on the Microsoft Store.
New device for scenario games — CRACKER
It is an additional device for playing laser tag, that allows you to select a code for gaming devices for scenario games.
Happy New Year, Friends!
From December 30 to January 10, we are on holidays. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write us, and on January 3, 6, 9 we will answer you.
Alpha tag. Launching soon
We are launching the new Alpha tag website, but we already want to talk about some of the features of the new platform.
Seven reasons for choosing LASERWAR
LASERWAR knows the amount of effort and funds the customers invest in opening and developing rental clubs.
Kids' first-person laser tag. Video
Here is a video sketch of a game played by guys from a LASERWAR club, the city of Smolensk.
Flag Capture. Digital flag scenario
And finally, a video dedicated to the main scenario of the new device - Digital Flag Capture.
Military base. Digital flag scenario
Capturing an enemy military base is the subject of a new video based on the Military Base scenario.
Hospital. Digital Flag scenario
Another video dedicated to Digital Flag scenarios. The theme of today's game is the Hospital scenario.
Outpost. Digital flag scenario
The outpost is another review of Digital Flag scenarios from LASERWAR video studio.
Flag control. Digital flag scenario
Meanwhile, a new video from LASERWAR came up with an example of the Flag Control scenario.
Arsenal. Digital flag scenario
Today we are presenting you with one of the options for using the Digital Flag in the Arsenal scenario.
Confrontation. Digital flag scenario
One of the novelties of 2020, the Digital Flag, is being successfully used by players and clubs.
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