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Alphatag firmware and software updates
We suggest concluding the week with another firmware and software Alphatag update.
Upgraded GASTAT shotgun
As in real life, the direct purpose of the shotgun is to "clean up" buildings and work in close combat.
Alphatag lifehacks: Using a phone instead of a router to set up your equipment
Today we will share with you how to run games without using a router.
IAAPA Expo 2021. See you in Barcelona!
IAAPA Expo Europe 2021 will take place on the Spanish coast from 27 to 30 September.
IAAPA Expo 2021. The show is about to start!
IAAPA Expo Europe 2021 opened in Barcelona on 27 September after a two-year break.
LASERWAR-UI update: pause the game
A new version of LASERWAR Online Configurator is available to users.
Laser Biathlon Junior is back on sale
LASERWAR laser biathlon has carved out a niche for itself as a tool for training athletes.
Outdoor laser tag for overseas Français LASERWAR on the island of Réunion
Through our work, we learn about parts of the globe that don't make the news and are rarely mentioned in books.
LASERWAR UI update - new features available
The week begins with another update of LASERWAR online configurator.
Last of the Mohicans - RPD
Today, over 40 nations use or have used foreign-made RPD machine guns and their modifications.
Shark to replace SKAT
The Colt M4-A1 SKAT, known to many players and very popular at one time joining the LASERWAR model archive.
LASERWAR - now also in Cameroon. A new pin on the customer map
We have good news, guys! There are fewer and fewer blank spots in the LASERWAR universe.
Laser tag birthday party
In today's fast-paced world, organizing a party is more hassle than it's worth.
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