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Handing out medals. LASERWAR UI anniversary release
Something special is always expected from an anniversary release. And our expectations have not been fooled.
Top 5 laser tag game sets for adult players
There is an opinion that laser tag is a game for kids. Reasons? - no pain, lots of arcade elements and lightweight taggers.
Ready To Pre-Order AR-15 RANGER?
The legend of the American army and a worthy opponent of the Kalashnikov rifle is available for pre-order.
Mobile laser tag
Start-up capital is important at the start of your own business.
Reliable connection for taggers LASERWAR
Laser tag game sets created on the basis of real or decommissioned weapons are particularly popular both in team games.
How to play laser tag: tips for beginners
Laser tag is a military-tactical game. As in any military tactical game the player requires good skills to win.
LASERWAR configurator goes mobile
Guys, we have strengthened our development staff and fulfilled the wishes of many customers.
Digital flag for laser tag: a new device from LASERWAR
The Digital Flag combined the best of the additional devices produced by LASERWAR
Digital Flag settings and scenarios
Digital Flag arouses sustained interest among players. By numerous requests of players we publish a description of game scenarios and settings for this device.
Install Laserwar’s logo on your website and get a bonus
We value your trust and are constantly improving our product so that your business can grow with us!
Time Point: description of modes, settings and scenarios
The Time Point device is unique in its own way if we combine the price availability, design and functionality.
New CYBERTAG arena on the Spanish coast
Welcome a new member in the CYBERTAG family! We have one new client on our map of customers.
LASERWAR in Serbia: Revitant club
LASERWAR customer map is regularly updated with new markers.
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