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New model of Alphatag vest: maximum useful functions for the game
The Alphatag generation offers a number of important features for professional-level play and even more realistic combat.
Brand new OLED display for Alphatag equipment game sets
Many competitive advantages are included in the new generation of Alphatag equipment.
Five hit sensors, improved signal reception. Alphatag headband in detail
Alphatag equipment represents new possibilities and a significant leap forward in the laser tag industry's future.
Alphatag Server update: Critical bugs fixed
Our engineers worked hard to ensure that Alphatag users could enjoy the updated software over the weekend
The Alphatag software gives you an unrivaled advantage in the game
For many professional gamers, the unveiling of the premium Alphatag equipment was a long-awaited occasion
Update! LASERWAR-UI device statuses in software v. 1.130
LASERTAG assures that the software is constantly developed and updated.
"It took 3 months to pay back the instalment." Red Eagle Club success story
Yalta is a resort, a port, Crimea's pearl, and a crucial location on the LASERWAR laser tag map.
Firmware update for Alphatag equipment
Every day more laser tag players prefer a brand new generation of equipment from LASERWAR
Alphatag. Playground lifehacks
The new generation of LASERWAR equipment!
LASERWAR UI v. 1.129. Update
The upcoming release - LASERWAR Online Configurator, v. 1.129 will be available on Microsoft Store in a few days.
LASERWAR opening hours in May
Our sales department is open on May 4, 5, 6, 7. Day off - May 1, 2, 3, 8, 9. From May 11 we work as usual.
Three legendary taggers. Buy LASERWAR
We would like to present the unique weapons for laser tag fighters.
LASERWAR invites to the new sport tournament — 11-13 June in Smolensk
The Russian Laser Tag Federation helds the International Sports Laser Tag Tournament.
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