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Places to hold laser tag games
It is compulsory to own your own playground to conduct laser tag games. Have you come across this thesis?
Laser tag class
With the development of the Russian Laser tag Federation, we are receiving more and more requests to talk about sports classes in rental laser tag clubs.
Organising a laser tag tournament at your club
Sooner or later, every laser tag club thinks about holding its own game tournament.
Where to use the electronic target?
The LASERWAR electronic target is a true find for those with a rental club as well as those looking to have a good time.
Life hacks for a laser tag instructor
An experienced laser tag instructor is like gold dust.
Putting together a team for laser tag
If you've only recently begun playing laser tag and none of your friends have expressed an interest in tactical wargames, you'll need to recruit new teammates.
Laser tag - the sport of the 21st century!
Laser tag has long been considered the sport of the 21st century in a number of countries. And this is not by chance.
Laser tag in kids' camps: perfect fun for all ages
Laser tag is proving to be a favourite pastime for young fighters. Let's find out why.
Preparing laser tag equipment for the game
The impression of a visit to a laser tag club depends on many factors
History of laser tag
There has almost always been a need for military units to sharpen their military skills. That was quite difficult to achieve with real guns.
Meet: LaserWar in Serbia
We present to you company LaserWar Weapons And Tactics from Serbia, which is our official representative, the exclusive dealer and the only authorized service center in Balkans.
How to organize laser tag game
Many business owners still remember their first game.
Popular laser tag scenarios
Laser tag without an interesting scenario resembles a holiday spent at home: it is not bad, but without much excitement.
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