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Laser tag vs PC games
What do PC games and laser tag battles have in common? - There are similarities. Moreover, it is possible to combine the experience of both types of leisure activities
Losing weight while playing laser tag
In the modern world of couch potatoes and snack bars, the problem of excess weight is relevant for many men and women
'5th stage' laser tag club. Features of doing business
Friends, it was one of our most interesting trips to the laser tag club for an interview! '5th Stage' Club is located in the Moscow Oblast, Balashikha, subdistrict Zheleznodorozhny
VPK Medved
Covering the activity of our country's busy laser tag clubs has already become a tradition in our company. Today, we interviewed online Andrey Malyarov – a pragmatic and self-motivated
Storm laser tag club. Winners don’t give in
A short while ago, we visited the Storm laser tag club, which is based in Moscow, and met with its wonderful team. The history of the club creation started 5 years ago. Now, this is a
Combat 57
At the end of October 2010, I was actively searching for business ideas, for I was planning to start my own business. After a while, I happened to learn that among popular military
LASERWAR – play in reality
The four-day long spectacular marathon of entertainment equipment IAAPA Attractions Expo 2017 has ended. We have been closely watching the events in Orlando and finally time has come to
«Hailstorm» in Orenburg. An account of a laser tag club creation
“What was the incentive to start my own business? It must have been passion. It was my passion for military subject that brought me into laser tag. You know, these days people don‘t get
Laserwar. 9th anniversary. It's just the beginning
Not long ago the company celebrated its ninth birthday. Although one might not call it an anniversary, it's a good occasion to look back in LASERWAR short history and draw subtotals.
Laser tag in the winter
At last the long-awaited winter has come! One shouldn’t assume, though, that playing laser tag in the winter is not as good or more difficult than it is in the summer.
May Maneuvers 2016: thank you for the game
May Maneuvers are not just games – these are events that bring together hundreds of players every year. 519 people participated in the MLT in 2016.
May maneuvers 2017: in the rage of battle
It’s no secret to anyone that May Maneuvers is the key annual laser tag event. For many going to MLTs has become a tradition, a must-do on the list of May holidays.
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