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How to organize laser tag game
Many business owners still remember their first game.
Popular laser tag scenarios
Laser tag without an interesting scenario resembles a holiday spent at home: it is not bad, but without much excitement.
10 reasons to choose laser tag as your business
Laser tag is a relatively new kind of game in the niche of military tactical games.
Top 5 laser tag game sets for adult players
There is an opinion that laser tag is a game for kids. Reasons? - no pain, lots of arcade elements and lightweight taggers.
Mobile laser tag
Start-up capital is important at the start of your own business.
Laser tag game rules
We have prepared a set of rules for you to play laser tag. It can be used as a basis for writing game regulations, player memos or local tournaments.
How to play laser tag: tips for beginners
Laser tag is a military-tactical game. As in any military tactical game the player requires good skills to win. And they include not only individual expertise, but also team work.
What is laser tag
Laser tag is a new generation of military-tactical games.
How to win in laser tag? Practical tips
Not for nothing laser tag is called a military tactical game. It has its own rules and tricks. To succeed, it is important not only to know, but also to apply them in practice.
Laser tag vs PC games
What do PC games and laser tag battles have in common? - There are similarities. Moreover, it is possible to combine the experience of both types of leisure activities
Capturing the flag: a laser tag scenario
The players are divided into two teams with an equal number of participants and occupy positions on their bases.
Checkpoints capturing: laser tag scenario
The scenario based on the Battlefield PC game. A maximum of four teams may participate in the battle.
Assault: laser tag scenario
This scenario is appreciated by laser tag fans for its excellent dynamics.
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