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Superpower of a new tagger

PULSAR futuristic blaster

The owners of the tagger will discover the power and the advantages of the future. The model combines a futuristic blaster, equipment for sports laser tag and military tactical games. All elements work as a unit, making playing incredible and easy at the same time.


Powerful. Easy to use. Universal and affordable. Designed for your victories.

Length – 566 mm

Height with foresight – 269 mm

Width – 50 mm


LASERWAR experts created the tagger that will transform the market of laser tag equipment. The experience, accumulated for years, innovative technologies, the perfection of every detail — this all is about Pulsar.



We created the tagger you won’t want to release your hold on. Wide grip makes close fighting comfortable – this will be especially beneficial for playing in premises.

The size of Pulsar corresponds to the Personal Defense Weapon class. There’re no restrictions in terms of playing – the tagger is designed for players of any sex and age.


Sensor for the second hand

Pulsar has a special second-hand sensor for sports tournaments and arena laser tag. In-built lightning lets you know that it’s turned on. There’s no room for cheating. Tagger is absolutely safe.


Innovative recharging

The bolt you are used to is replaced with a convenient button. One touch – and ammunition volume is replenished. You don’t need to move more. The button is located under an extra grip to let you reload a tagger within just a couple of seconds.

Optical system

You can choose between classical prism and precise “Parallax 2.0”

Optical system has all required safety certificates

Soft safety cap made from eco-rubber of different colours

  • Original form
  • Protection for players
  • Four colours

Innovative backlight for a shot

Extra accumulator

Pulsar supports all generations of LASERWAR electronics. The ways you can use the tagger depends on the type of the platform: arena, out-of-arena and sports platform.

Extra accumulator

To increase run time, there’re two compartments for accumulators of dimension-type 26650. Run time increases by several times no matter what electronics you use.

The magic of pressing

There’re magnet sensors on the trigger assembly of the tagger. Reliability and durability are enhanced. The trigger is ready to be pulled for any amount of times. No misfires, no fake shots, only precise operation.

Maximum recoil

Pulsar changes the idea of taggers for laser tag. We used a tried and tested Feedback feature and added a new powerful impulsive recoil. What is the result? The realistic sensations of a shot got improved. To feel this effect, the players will want to pull the trigger more often.

Highlight in the team’s colour Ambi Light 2.0