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What's a laser tag

What’s a laser tag?

Heard of it? It is a popular, safe and healthy action game for both kids and adults. In the video, we have captured the atmosphere of a laser tag battle!

Why laser tag business?

Lasertag winner

Large target group

Laser tag is a popular game to play with co-workers, friends or at kid`s birthdays

High ticket cost

Visitors come in groups, so the average checkout is approx. $200 in US and 300€ in EU

Minimal expenses

You can run mobile rent business without a site and don`t need to pay for projectiles as with an air soft

When you recreate PUBG in real life, scenarios and quests, you offer quality entertainment that brings emotions.
Make your clients come back for more and become a real object of interest!

Laser tag PUBG

Profitability of a laser tag business

Annual after-tax income
$36000 - $144000

Earn even more due to low rent cost, lower taxes or by opening in the large mall with an increased footfall. If your city allows, you can open several locations and make more than $30000 monthly without continuous personal presence.

Opening costs

Even if you start up as a mobile rent business without rent and crew payroll costs, you will need laser tag equipment. LASERWAR equipment is manufactured at our own full-cycle production in Russia to provide you with best start investments as low as $3496. Buy equipment in Russian prices once, sell tickets in American or European prices for years!

Your average customers are:

Kids’ birthdays and parties 50%
Team building event  23%
Groups of friends 22%
Laser tag boy
Small business
Indoor mall arena

$144000 per year is not a limit

By our experience, the average investment amounts are the following: from $10000 to $30000

Our 24-month warranty and tech service with 50+ service centers spare you even more time and money!

Quiz: what type of club fits you?

Answer 5 questions and see what your business can be in your city and with your budget...

Lasertag profits Get the detailed opening plan
Laser tag quiz

From 1 to 7 month royalty-free payback

We don’t take any royalty or fees. Getting equipment and playground gets you up and running! 1-month payback was achieved by our customer’s Jurassic Adventure arena in Buharest.

Work only on weekends – still with payback!

Laser tag payback

Profit per month, $:

Payback period in monthes:

   We will consult you on which
set of gear fits for your start   

Laser tag consultation

We have developed pre-made bundles based on our wide 10 year experience of work with laser tag business owners. They are perfect for a smooth start and fit even minimal budget.

For every 5 playsets you get 1 free!

Choose your WAY(s)

Laser tag outdoor playgroundOpen outdoor playground at nature area or land property
Laser tag indoor arena Open bright and shining indoor laser tag arena in a mall or your own space
Laser tag mobile centerOpen mobile center organizing games on site (e.g. client`s yard)
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Over 2500 businesses from 83 countries work with LASERWAR
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The number of laser tag clubs is rapidly growing in both small and large cities ath the both sides of the Atlantic. Now is a great time to occupy the niches at the local markets. Our laser tag equipment brand is recognized all over the world – ensure your success by starting up with our support!

+ Advantages of working with us
Global network of 50+ service centers and dealers all over the world
All-time free client and tech support, test-drive service, monthly sales
Control your business through free software from tablet or PC
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How to rise up

  1. Get the equipment
  2. Find a site/Start as a mobile rent center
  3. Hire an accountant and instructors/Instruct players yourself
  4. Get social media pages
  5. Give a shout out about an opening sale and even run ads right away
  6. Accept orders and start earning on games!

Making money of your hobby is easy

Use our knowledge based on the real-life experience of entrepreneurs.

Laser tag boss