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Inflatable shelters

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A well-equipped polygon and well-thought-out space are important components of a successful laser tag club. But being tied to one territory means limiting your business opportunities. It means being deprived of some part of the audience, you make less profit and yield to competitors. How do you avoid that?

There is a good wat out – LASERWAR inflatable shelters.
With them, you can play laser tag anywhere and any time of year.

These are figures made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a strong and environmentally friendly material.

They have different shapes and sizes.

The figures are pumped with air and used as shelters on the playground for military tactical games.


Heavy-duty material with an increased density of 800 g/m2
The straps for mounting on the playground are included in the scope of supply
Supplied in PVC fabric bags, which simplify the transportation process.
Possibility of applying the company logo.

Ease of use

In the folded form, the figures can be easily transported by car. You won't have to worry about it for long on the spot: the shelters are easy to unpack, inflate and install. The laser tag arena will be ready in minutes.

Absolute safety

Shelters have no sharp angles or protruding parts that can injure the player. In this case, the inflatable figures are strong enough, resilient and stable enough to play the role of a shelter for laser tag fighters.

Variety of combinations

In the LASERWAR assortment you will find 30 names of shelters of various forms and sizes: knees, windows, pyramids, cakes, hedgehogs and many others. From them you can make combinations according to your taste.


Laser tag and inflatable figures are the perfect combination for outdoor enthusiasts who are not afraid of the weather. You can play laser tag in winter and summer, in heat and rain. The same is true for inflatable figures.


To equip a stationary laser tag playground in a rental club or entertainment center.

To organize outdoor games. The set of figures can be easily delivered to wherever the customer wishes – to the gym, park, beach or even to the yard of an apartment building.

To hold laser tag sports tournaments and provide training of athletes. Laser tag competitions are gaining popularity. Your club can become a platform for such competitions, which will give you additional customers.

For promo-actions within the framework of city holidays, festivals, etc.


Wide range of business opportunities

You can organize laser tag games anywhere and for any audience. Corporate, anniversary, school competitions, a child's birthday – all that is available to you and your clients.

Improvement of service quality

Organization of outdoor games is a demanded service, but not every laser tag club is able to provide or implement it at the proper level. Your clients will be impressed that you are ready to meet them and play the game on their territory. The quality and safety of the shelters is a 100% guarantee of a positive impression of laser tag and of you as an organizer. Which means you won't have to wait long for new orders.

Effective advertising

You can put your logo, phone number and other information on the figures. During trips to city festivals or sports tournaments such shelters will be the best advertisement: there are always photographers and journalists at major events. With their help, Internet users, press readers and TV viewers will learn about your club.

Increasing profits

It's obvious: more opportunities – more clients – more income.

Mobility in any situation

Quick installation and dismantling of the site in 20 minutes


For those who do not want to puzzle over the selection of shelters separately, we offer ready-made sets of figures. Our specialists created them based on many years of experience in holding laser tag tournaments in different parts of the world. Games for kids, sports laser tag training or major tactical tournaments – we have sets of figures to suit every need.


recommended filed size – 10*18 m

a small playing field that encompasses 12 inflatable objects

the field allows to host games for kids, outdoor and competitive sporting events

Object Pieces Price Total Price
Small temple 2 361 722
Big Cake 4 284 1 136
Large Barrel 4 328 1 312
Knee 2 229 458
Total 12 3 928

Sport 3

recommended filed size – 15*22 m

A small playing field that encompasses 16 inflatable objects

The field allows to host games for kids, outdoor and competitive 3 vs. 3 sporting events with one control point, as well as trainings for different age groups (children and adults)

Object Pieces Price Total Price
Small Temple 4 361 1 444
Big Temple 2 387 774
Big Cake 2 284 568
Large Barrel 8 328 2 624
Total 16 5 711

Sport 5/9

recommended filed size – 20*30 m

a sport 5/9 playing field that encompasses
24 inflatable objects

This field allows to host regional, interregional laser tag tournaments in 5 vs. 5 or 9 vs. 9 format (available scenarios: 3 control points, TDM)

Object Pieces Price Total Price
Small Temple 8 361 2 888
Big Temple 4 387 1 548
Big Cake 4 284 1 136
Large Barrel 8 328 2 624
Total 24 8 498


recommended filed size – 20*30 m

tactical playing field allows to host tactical games/tournaments using various scenarios

Object Pieces Price Total Price
Big Pyramid 3 339 1 017
Knee 6 229 1 374
Big Temple 2 387 774
Big Cake 6 284 1 704
Large Barrel 13 328 4 262
Total 30 9 434


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