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One body – three devices

Small in size, but indispensable
They are similar, but not the same
Your faithful assistants in laser tag games

Crater, Arsenal, Basic first aid kit.
What do they have in common?

A solid body designed for rental clubs

The base of the device is a body made of impact-resistant plastic. The material withstands the cold down to -20, is unaffected by moisture, does not chip or crack.

Based on this body, in response to the needs of rental companies and players' wishes, the company has developed three products with different functionality. All three devices will serve you well for years to come.

Recognizable design

All the "heroes" in our trio are painted in contrasting colours. Black, red and yellow highlight important elements on the body. The correct emphasis will prevent the player from being distracted by secondary details. At the same time, the device is interesting to look at: the branded font, the product labelling and the LASERWAR logo add points to the overall impression. You will never confuse devices thanks to the recognizable icons.

Ease of use

Each device has four screw holes on the sides of the body. With them, you can easily attach the game set to the wall and make any scenario come to life.

The button is always in view

The main element of each of the three devices is a large button with a distinct pressing. The button is not recessed into the body, so players don't have to waste time aiming. Just press the button - you won't miss the target!


The device weighs just 480 g. A scenario game on an abandoned firing range, corporate outing, competition - it's easy to carry your device with you wherever you go.

36 hours of operating time

A modern 2.2 Ah lithium battery provides up to a day and a half of continuous use. The device can withstand dozens of laser tag games or a two-day scenario.

Intelligent design

The power connector on the underside is protected by a rubber plug. Dirt and moisture cannot get inside the game set.

Crater Laser tag Bomb

The enemy has no chances

In laser tag, all play actions are handled electronically, so there is no room for cheating. Crater is designed according to this principle. The bomb scenarios are clear and honest. No arguments about who hit who, whether the player was alive or not. Not a single possibility for cheating: the IR pulse will hit anyone who comes within range.

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Laser tag device Basic first aid kit

Heals and revives the "dead"

The first aid kit is called basic because it is installed at the opposing team's bases. The device can replenish hp, ammo and "revive" players. An indispensable companion of rental clubs and a regular guest in scenario games.

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Arsenal ammo replenishing device

Refreshes the ammo supply

With each press of the yellow button, the Arsenal emits infra-red pulses. All laser tag rifles that come within range of the infrared pulses receive a new supply of ammunition. After reloading, the game sets are immediately ready for play. A few presses and the fighters are back in line.

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General devices characteristics

  • Up of operating time 36 hours
  • Battery type Li+ (2 AH; 7.4 V)
  • Charger type SMART LI+
  • Dimensions 22 x 11 x 8 cm
  • Weight 480 g