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Safety measures


We have taken a new step towards laser tag safety. We’re proud to introduce unique protective bumpers for the most popular LASERWAR AK-12 Predator and MP9-LT Phoenix mockups.

laser tag weapon safety pads laser tag weapon safety bumpers laser tag gun safety bumper

Our mission as an equipment manufacturer is to minimize risks. Two years of work, hundreds of sketches, tests and samples, and here is an effective and stylish addition to iconic laser tag weapons.


Designed for a wide audience of players, the cases of our laser tag weaponry are designed thoroughly. They combine convenience, lightness, ergonomics, as well as optimal specifications for the laser tag.

As the result of numerous measures of our products we’ve accomplished the successful certification in the European Union CE and Russia GOSTR. LASERWAR game equipment have become the industry standard and is used in laser tag tournaments and competitions all over the world.

Laser tag weapon corner edge safety bumpers Laser tag weapon corner edge safety pad

Modern materials

Pads are made of soft and plastic thermoplastic elastomer. It is very durable and flexible, so the pads will survive long-term operation. Thanks to its unique properties, thermoplastic elastomer is not afraid of frost, which means that reliable protection will be with you in any weather. Products made of thermoplastic elastomer are durable and safe for humans. The soft bumper will protect the fighter from the consequences of «combat» collisions.

Laser tag tager corner edge safety pad Laser tag weapon safety

Original design

Laser tag is safe for kids

We have not just created a player protection environment. We wanted to integrate the new product organically into the general concept of laser tag weapons and came up with a spectacular, beautiful part. The shape of the bumper complements the brutal look of the tager with a recognizable fantastic silhouette.

Bumpers are worn on the front of the tager barrel. The overlay protects the most vulnerable piece of the laser tag gun — optics, and also closes the case from scratches and chips. Your equipment will remain in service longer and will not lose its perfect combat look.


Differentiation of teams in the game

Laser tag weapon corner edge safety pad Laser tag weapon corner edge safety pad Laser tag weapon corner edge safety pad

We produce bumpers of various colors. They can serve as markers to indicate opposing teams. Owners of rental clubs do not have to spend money on extra ammunition. Bright overlays on tagers will be visible from afar and will not allow you to confuse an ally with an enemy.

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