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Top 4 laser tag devices of 2017

The summer season of laser tag battles is over and the year 2017 is coming to an end. Now, during this cold sleety autumn break between winter and summer games, there is time to recall top devices and new things of 2017 and think about how to strengthen the arsenal of one’s club in the coming season. This year, we have seen a variety of new things come out – the new Crater laser tag bomb has been introduced, the Cerberus laser tag mine has replaced outdated devices, the new Universal Point multifunctional device has appeared in the arsenals of clubs and a nice extra – the new Control Point sales have started off. Let’s take it one at a time, though.

Crater laser tag bomb

laser tag devices

Progress, there is no stopping it. And so now the Crater laser tag bomb came to replace the LASERWAR bomb. First and foremost, this owes to the fact that using older versions of devices allows to determine the development trend of the gadgets so much admired by players. The bomb has become widespread in scenario games and its new improved version will certainly give players lots of positive emotions.

The striking look of the device will, no doubt, contribute to it. LASERWAR engineers did a good job making the device user-friendly and convenient. The digital countdown timer with big bright digits remorselessly rushing to the zero point makes it clear that there is no time left till explosion and one must think of doing something quickly. The device can be defused as well as set up by pushing and holding the big red button, which is on its front panel, for a few seconds. Three, two, one and … Here comes the surprise! Only a ‘live’ player can lay and disarm the mine by shooting it with an active tager. That’s the anti-cheat protection we’ve got. This detail may add dramatic touch to a game process, when a player holding the button is killed all of a sudden and cannot confirm his actions with a shot any more, while the timer keeps ticking…

One can play for up to 36 hours without the need to recharge the device.

As long as the bomb detects the player’s ID, it’s set up and neutralization will be reflected in his statistics.

Bomb settings can be changed via the configuration programme or when turning it on in parameters set up mode.

The price of the Crater is 4400 roubles. You can purchase it through our online store.

Cerberus laser tag mine

laser tag device

Here is another hot thing in the line of our new items. The Cerberus mine has successfully replaced 2 devices – the tripwire grenade and the Claymore.

The American anti-personnel mine M18A1 and the Russian MOH-50 served as prototypes for the creation of the device body. When laying the mine, one can fix it in a number of ways – it can be attached to a tree using a textile band or secured on the ground by means of pins. There are special lugs for this on the body. There are infrared emitters and motion sensors on the front panel of the mine. At the rear panel, there are two powerful speakers. The 2.2 Ah lithium-ion accumulator allows to participate in a game for up to 36 hours nonstop. When the mine is turned on, a sound signal will notify of the remaining battery charge.

You can either select the infrared motion sensor for the mine – it will respond to players passing it at a distance of up to 3 metres – or the classic mode with fishing rod tripwire tied to the mine axle-pin (currently, this option is available in the Cerberus PRO modification only). The Cerberus may detonate if another grenade or mine explodes near it. Besides, it can be disarmed by shooting it with a blaster. Its power capacity is 100 points.

When the mine goes off, it emits either an ‘explosion’ impulse, which kills all the player that happen to be nearby, or a ‘shot’ impulse, which only kills the opponents. Thus, the mine can belong to one of the teams, if a player of one of those shoots it. All the players defeated by the mine will be written down in the statistics of the player who sets it up.

To change mine parameters and settings, there is no need for a configurator – any remote will do. Therefore, its settings can be easily corrected ‘in the field’.

You can buy the Cerberus laser tag mine for 5400 roubles through our online store. We believe it can substantially liven up your battles.

Chameleon universal point

We live in the age of universal devices. 10 years ago, the quality of the photos made by an average camera far exceeded the quality of those taken by a mobile phone. Nowadays, the cameras modern smartphones are fitted with are a lot better than compact cameras. Besides, having an all-in-one gadget that combines photo, video, voicerecord and a tablet in it is a lot more convenient. With that in mind, we designed a universal device for laser tag clubs – a device that can be used for any of the three selected scenarios with multiple variations. Its settings can be quickly altered right 'in the field', and it can substantially expand scenario possibilities of any game.

laser tag device

The Chameleon universal point is notable for its thought-out outward design and distinct indication means, which make the interface user-friendly. The powerful accumulator allows to play nonstop for up to 36, while the parameters set up can be done either through the configuration programme or in the manual mode.

The point can emit 4 types of impulses: ‘Health’, ‘Ammo’, ‘Radiation’ and ‘Anomaly’. Any of more than 20 commands can be programmed to the Anomaly mode through the laser tag configurator.

Players can choose either of the three operation scenarios of the universal point:

Scenario 1. Radiation point

As soon as the game begins, the countdown will start on the digital screen. 3 seconds before the time runs out, the device will produce intermittent sound signals. Then, the device will radiate the selected impulse. The instructor may set up random impulse choice. In that case, just 3 seconds prior to radiation, it will become evident which of the impulses will be emitted.

Scenario 2. Basic point

Initially, the device belongs to one of the teams. At the start of a game, the team sign turns the respective colour and the countdown begins. After the selected time interval, treatment impulse shot is produced. When the player of a rival team shoots the device, he will deprive it of the number of power points that will equal the power of his shot. At that, the impulses will stop being sent and the remaining power points will get displayed on the indicator. After a certain interval, the power will start getting restored. Having fully restored, the base will start sending treatment impulses again. The base is considered destroyed and not liable to restoration if the shots take away all its power points.

Scenario 3. Control point

Initially, the point is neutral. After a player has shot the point, it is considered to be taken over by the team of the player and it will notify about this by changing the team sign. After a short delay subsequent to a shot, the point will produce a 'radiation’ impulse and will go on to treat the players of the team that has captured it. The point can be taken over by another team by shooting it, but if any team holds the point for a certain time interval, the game will come to an end and the Chameleon will display the colour of the winning team.

The price of the Chameleon universal point in our online store is 4400 roubles and you can rest assured that it will match up to every rouble you have invested into it and will bring about variety and passion for the game to players and will considerably increase the possibilities of laser tag clubs.

Smart control point

laser tag device

And at last, yet another smart device – a decent way of approaching the end of 2017 - the gadget which has long been awaited by players and club owners.

The Smart control point acquired an impeccable system of indication and game process visualisation. The two-colour indication circles and the digital screen will display the game situation in full. The outer circle composed of 32 LEDs will display the colour of the team that has captured it, while the internal interactive circle will display the progress of the holding time. One quick glance will be enough to evaluate the chances for victory.

Still, innovations don’t end here! The point has got a unique and eye-catching design, loud flawless sound and a variety of functions.

laser tag device

The sophisticated case with a ‘dynamic protection’ guards the device against hits and the influence of other harmful impacts. The special straps make its transportation easy. At the moment, the device comes in 4 colours: black, pixel, multicam and woodland. The application of the removable chevrons with club logos will add a distinctive touch to your club.

The powerful speaker produces electrifying sound even in open areas.

It enables you to hold an 8 hour nonstop game without the need to recharge it.

3 basic scenarios have been built into the software - ‘Control point capture’, ‘Battlefield point’ and ‘Command centre’. The possibilities of the smart control point have been used to the limit in them. Now, the device is not merely a glowing post on a battlefield. It can aid allies, restore health and deliver infrared impulses to the rivals. In the process of developing the gadget, we drew our inspiration from the Battlefield game and the technologies of indoor laser tag. We took all the best from different trends and put it into a single device: the smart control point will make players sweat. You are guaranteed to experience the joy of victory and the happiness feeling.

You can set up the parameters of the point either in manual mode or through an infrared base.

laser tag device

You can find more information about the point on our website. Its price in our online store is 8800 roubles.

* * *

We have highlighted the most prominent new gadgets of 2017, but there are actually more of them. We work nonstop on increasing your game possibilities. Follow the news have fun playing the games!


Smart control point

Smart control point

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