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LASERWAR X-Generation

The quickest and easiest way to get started with online laser tag.

Unlock laser tag's unique benefits with the free X-generation configurator! Record sounds, game presets, upload statistics, create and edit your own scenarios. Laser tag's greatest strength.

Innovative program
of the tenth generation from

Rich functionality

The software becomes a faithful companion on the way to professional laser tag games. You can configure any setting in a few clicks with our clever and user-friendly software.

Your connected laser tag equipment can be controlled online.

Features of «LASERWAR-UI»:

  • Performance settings
  • Posting stats
  • Sound settings
  • Firmware update
  • Changing game parameters

Software options

Name Lasertag configurator
4-9 Gen
Laserwar configurator
Alphatag Server
11 Gen
FB and VK statistics generation, storage, and publication
Editing and creating presets
Recording the performance parameters in laser tag equipment
Updating the firmware of laser tag equipment
Recording and editing sounds in equipment Yes
Online broadcasting of statistics to additional screens (TV, monitor, tablet)
Internal customer database, handling of customer data, uploading from database
Managing statistics Offline (Bluetooth technology) Online Wi-Fi (G, N) Online Wi-Fi, NFC
Selecting game scenarios, general settings per scenario, individual settings Available general settings Each player has both general and individual settings
Maximum number of players on the playground with statistics 128 according to the Miles2 protocol 512 according to the Miles2 protocol 65 000 according to the Alphatag protocol
Technology for linking laser tag equipment with apps IR channel, Bluetooth (2.1 Edr) Bluetooth (2.1, 4.2), Wi-Fi (G, N) Bluetooth (5.0), NFC, Wi-Fi (G, N)
App for Windows Lasertag configurator 4-9 Gen Laserwar online-configurator X-Gen AlphaTag Server 11 Gen
Mobile apps (Android and IOS)

Android Configurator Google Play (Android) Huawei Gallery

AlphaTag Player — designed for players Google Play (Android) AppStore (IOS) Huawei Gallery

AlphaTag Configurator — designed for instructors Google Play (Android) AppStore (IOS) Huawei Gallery

Setting up performance characteristics

Over 30 performance characteristics are available in LASERWAR-UI.

In the menu, there is an option to update the tagger firmware and the Wi-Fi module. Current firmware versions are automatically downloaded along with software updates.

The configurator allows you to change tagger settings online without the need for additional hardware manipulation. You just need to switch on the game sets, and the options available for change will appear on the screen.

Customize effects

LASERWAR pays special attention to detail and makes the gameplay as close to reality as possible. The software stores nine different sound presets in English and Russian. Plus one special preset containing only the sounds of weapon classes: for pistol, machine gun, assault rifle and other laser tag weapons.

You can also record your own sounds. When replacing the standard sound with your own, you don't need to overwrite the entire package - the changes are made to one sound only.

Stay tuned for further developments

Keeping stats in real time doubles your club's playing time. Participants and spectators can follow the laser tag fight on the screen, which displays information about the fight's current location.

Individual stats show all medals collected by each player.

The stats can be published on social media, or printed out and presented to players as a reminder of the battle they played.

And most importantly, it's FREE!
Has always been and always will be

Install the X-Gen configurator now!

Download the app from the official store completely free of charge. The software is automatically updated, you will always have the latest version of software on your PC.

Download for Windows


Taggers are not displayed in the programme. What should I do?
Go to Bluetooth and make sure that the name of the Wi-Fi network of the taggers matches the name of the Wi-Fi network provided by the router. A Bluetooth adapter will be required if your computer does not have a built-in Bluetooth.
How to update the app?
Automatic application updates should be enabled in your Microsoft Store account settings. This will allow the LASERWAR UI configurator to receive automatic updates.
How is the firmware updated?
Before starting the firmware update, the tagger's game statistics must be cleared with a command from the remote control or the LASERWAR USB database. The replacement begins with reflashing the Wi-Fi module. The firmware is then changed for the tagger and headband. Failure to follow the boot sequence may lead to loss of functionality.
Can I add my own scenarios to the collection? How many are there in total?
13 scenarios are available in the configurator for laser tag games. They are sure to excite any laser tag enthusiast! You are allowed to modify any of the available scenarios.
Which social media platforms allow for the stats publication?
VKontakte and Facebook are used to export game stats. A PDF file is also saved.
What are the requirements for connecting the software?
A Wi-Fi router is required to establish communication with the taggers. When playing outdoors, you will need a Windows 10 notebook or tablet and an external battery to power the router.
What are the requirements for recording audio files in taggers?
The Sounds section contains the standard sound effects used in Generation X-Gen laser tag equipment. To add your own, the audio file uploaded to the configurator must meet the following requirements: .WAV; 11025 Hz; 8 bit; Mono.