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LASERWAR became the best exporter in the region in 2018
Last week, LASERWAR`s award piggy bank refilled with another diploma.
The game continues until one team absorbs the other.
Crash tests of LASERWAR equipment
Laserwar engineers conduct severe tests to determine the survivability limit of our products – because this is the company's business card.
Attention, sale! 40% off on all devices when buying a bundle
From January 16th, a new sale starts!
Pro remote control with X-GENERATON support
Pro remote control. Firmware update
Open LASERWAR Cup will become a part of May Maneuvers
Open LASERWAR Cup is now at May Maneuvers
Arsenal by LASERWAR – for ammo reload of your taggers
Premiere of the new LASERWAR Arsenal device
X-generation firmware update
Attention! Firmware update of X Generation
The path of «Valkyrie»
Interview with the head of the laser tag club «Valkyrie»
LASERWAR on IAPPA-2018 in Orlando, USA
A short video sketch from our exhibition team
Lithium accumulators – now in EDS
We are glad to inform you that now explosive device simulators (EDS) are also equipped with lithium batteries.
Laser tag tournament will be arranged in celebration of the New Year in Krasnoyarsk
On December 23, Krasnoyarsk will host the New Year’s team tournament in laser tag.
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