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May Maneuvers 2019: how it was
If you missed this event, you can now "visit" the Gusino training ground for a few moments
Firmware upgrades for the 10-th generation equipment
New firmware releases improve system stability and performance, as well as introduce new features and modes.
Optic sight 3.5-10х40E
For the attention of snipers: The popular 2.5-10x40 optic sight was replaced by the 3.5-10x40E model
APR 556 Snowstorm game set (ORIGINAL edition). A new body
The ARP 556 "Snowstorm", a super-compact assault rifle, which is popular with many players, has a new body.
LASERWAR-UI update for X-GEN equipment
For the attention of X-GEN equipment users. A new version of the LASERWAR release configurator is available
New firmware for X-GEN hit sensors
For the attention of the owners of devices based on the 10-th generation
"MAUSER" game set (ELITE edition). The legend returns
For the attention of snipers and players who prefer an accurate shot to the overwhelming density of fire
М-76 ZASTAVA game set (STEEL edition)
LASERWAR is resuming the production of the М-76 ZASTAVA game set at a new level
Smart PRO remote. Launch of sales
The smart PRO remote control replaces the well-known PRO remote control, which is rightly the "device number 1"
Electronic target
"RGB target" is one of the most discreet devices, which is always present in the arsenal of any club.
Minigun-134 game set by LASERWAR
The LASERWAR arsenal has been replenished with heavy weapons.
Zombie Game Set. Saving the world is in your hands
Laser tag and horror fans, your time has come! LASERWAR company launches a new unique device called "Zombie".
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