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HANNOVER MESSE 2018. Results
The 5-day marathon of the Hannover industrial fair has neared its end. Our nearly 2-week long motor rally over Europe has come to an end, too. Now it’s time to sum up the results of our
HANNOVER MESSE. Day 5. Closing
Good day everyone! Today is the final day of this what may seem endless exhibition marathon and even though we are quite worn out, we are not subdued and so we are reporting again. It is
Hey guys! We are on-site in halls 6 and 15 again. Now that we’ve got an additional stand and our team have had to be divided, we’ve suddenly felt that the workload per each participant
The Usage of SMART BATTLE BASE in Scenario Games
The scope of Battle Base application in the gameplay is very broad, thanks to the thought-out structure, impressive design and wide functionality of the device. The design of the base
Technical Features of SMART BATTLE BASE
Today we are going to talk about Battle Base device and its technical features. The case of the device is designed on the expectation of possible extreme rent situations and has a suffic
SMART BATTLE BASE. Birth of the concept
In 2016, at the briefing of the International Laser tag Tournament, LASERWAR unveiled plans to create a new multipurpose device. It was a follow-up of the smart first-aid kit idea
'5th stage' laser tag club. Features of doing business
Friends, it was one of our most interesting trips to the laser tag club for an interview! '5th Stage' Club is located in the Moscow Oblast, Balashikha, subdistrict Zheleznodorozhny
MP 514 Of The Special Series. Overview Video
And we continue our series of short overview videos. Next in line is loved by many MP 514 from the Special series. Legendary, reliable and durable — all these titles the rifle has earned
NANO Remote For Lasertag Equipment. Update
NANO Remote has gained deserved popularity with players and trainers for its handiness, small size and weight. However, the device that's always with you, used to operate only two, even
Good news for science fiction lovers. We call your attention to the laser tag set, made on the basis of the fantastic armour of the «Poseidon» Company from the Universe «Ghost In The She
Thematic Outfit For Pirate Laser tag Parties
Dear dress lasertag game lovers! This news is for you! By multiple and insistent requests of one of our regular customers LASERWAR specialists have worked upon a feature that will be a
Tactical shield by LASERWAR. Update
LASERWAR wants to draw your attention to the development which was made by request of one laser tag club. Dear laser tag players, we suggest that you think over the following questions:
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