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See you in Amsterdam
Have you scarcely got off the plane after the holiday? Summer is over, but you are not in a hurry to let it go and are already planning a trip in September? We have great news!
The grand project of the amusement park in the Russian style is being implemented today in the most populous province of China – Henan.
Smart Battle Base firmware update
Users of Smart Battle Base can enjoy a new firmware which removes the malfunction of the "checkpoint" scenario.
«Army 2018». Results
The largest forum of leading companies and specialists in the field of modern weapons «Army 2018» has come to an end and it's time to sum up LASERWAR's participation in this event.
The presentation of the LASERWAR 10th generation. The date has been set!
Not long ago we have announced a large-scale presentation of the 10th generation of LASERWAR equipment.
"Army 2018". Day 4. Mass visit
Today the exhibition is open to the public, and everyone, who has been waiting for the opportunity to come here since its opening, is finally able to do it.
"Army 2018". Day 3
Today began for us with a pleasant surprise – a solemn awarding of the diploma of the exhibition «Army 2018» participant signed by S. Shoigu. 
Army 2018. Day 2
Today the exhibition complex has been flooded with visitors since the very morning.
ARMY 2018. Opening
Today at 10 am the International Military-Technical Forum "ARMY-2018" started.
RGB hostage firmware update
In the updated Hostage firmware version 09.03.12, we have implemented such parameters as autorevival and health regeneration, which had been added to laser tag configurator version 8.5.7
MP-514. Now with ParallaX
LASERWAR engineers keep on updating the tagers that make up the company’s product range. The majority of models that are produced with the Prism optical system will be produced with
Firmware with autorevival mode support
We have already written about the changes that have been done to the parameters of game characters in the new version of laser tag configurator 8.5.7. We have added the Autorevival point
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