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Brand-name LASERWAR Magazine For Laser Tag Rifles of M-series
LASERWAR company has issued a recent development which significantly facilitates the integration of laser tag electronics into models based on airsoft M-series
Good day everyone! Today, our additional stall F54 in hall 6 has been opened. When the flow of visitors tapered off yesterday evening, the REC staff made ready a place for our exposition
Good day everyone! In spite of local internet connection problems, again we are reporting from Hannover! Due to the sudden inflow of visitors during the second day, there was a serious
HANNOVER MESSE 2018. Day one
Hey everyone! After the successful completion of the Smolensk-Hannover motor rally, our team took up positions at stand A22, hall 15 of the exhibition centre of the Hannover Trade Fair
Laser biathlon 2.0 light. Regeneration
The sports rifle that young sportsmen will receive meets the highest world standards and so is suitable for proper training. The compact, stylish, light, ergonomic rifle can easily
Soon. LASERWAR in Hannover
The HANNOVER MESSE 2018 – the Trade Fair for Industrial Technology – will start very soon now. It is a major exhibition of high technology, innovations and industrial automation. The
VPK Medved
Covering the activity of our country's busy laser tag clubs has already become a tradition in our company. Today, we interviewed online Andrey Malyarov – a pragmatic and self-motivated
MP-512 SNIPER. Video review
Our video review reveals still more features of the MP-512 SNIPER, which has already won the admiration of the majority of our customers. This laser tag blaster is exceptionally popular
Speak out once again, comrade Mauser!
Our today’s newsfeed carries an article about MAUSER PRO, which has already become a favourite among personal users. LASERWAR specialists have enhanced the sniper rifle – the laser tag
USB base update
Here is great news for laser tag club administrators, engineers of service centers and all those who use USB bases to set up the parameters of laser tag equipment. Many users have encoun
UZI update
The UZI STING play set of the PRACTICAL edition has long become popular among laser tag lovers for the fact of being a comfortable close range weapon. We have improved and updated the
Colt M4-A3 Centurion. Video review
No laser tag event can do without blasters of the M range. This is not surprising: the tagers have an attractive look, are comfortable and lightweight. There is a LASERWAR play gun
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