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Three best autumn devices from LASERWAR

The summer months just flashed by unnoticed and here is autumn outdoors again. Someone with a sigh puts light clothes in the wardrobe; someone is reviewing photos from a vacation and already thinking where to spend the New Year holidays. Whereas laser tag fans are rubbing their hands in anticipation of the new game season. No heat, insects, blinding sun – that is why we love autumn. New exciting battles are waiting us ahead, which means it is time to remind about hightech devices that will make your games unforgettable.

We offer you three modern devices from LASERWAR, each of which will be embellishment for your laser tag club. All of them have proven their reliability and caught the fancy of our customers for the rich functionality, user-friendliness and exclusive design.

«Smart Battle Base»

Depending on the user-selected settings, the «Battle base» can perform several functions in the game. The software states three main scenarios – «Support Base», «Checkpoint» and «Bomb», while the possible variations are countless. Once you play a little with the settings, and you get a new version of the future battle. It will be no trouble dealing with it because we made the «Battle base» as simple to manage as possible. You do not need any additional hardware to configure the device. An intuitive menu interface, three control buttons and a bright OLED display will help you quickly figure out the available options and set the desired parameters. Vivid color icons on the case will add additional effects to the selected scenario.

The «Smart Battle Base» is a stylish and ergonomic device. There are no protruding parts in its design. Even the powerful speaker and large game button our designers have thoughtfully 
built in the case. It is convenient to carry the base with you – there is a durable handle with a fabric cover included for that. Moreover, thanks to the special holes for mounting the device can be hung on the wall.

The durable case of the product will withstand any external influences and will faithfully serve you for a long time.

The price of the base is 176 dollars. To purchase, click on the link and select the required quantity of goods.

«Smart control point»

The concept of the device combines points of a computer game Battlefield and technology of arena laser tag. There are three basic scenarios for players to choose from: «Control point capture», «Battlefield point», «Command center», each of which has many advanced options for customization.

Our control point will be a real find for fans of large-scale and long-lasting battles and will force players to work hard. One full charge of the device will be enough for eight hours of continuous operation, so that the point will successfully withstand several games in a row.

The device impulses can help allies and harm enemies and, which is especially convenient for teams, clearly displays statistics on the mission results. With such a device, there is no need to puzzle over how much time you need to hold the control point to win – all the information will appear on the display.

By the way, speaking about the display, it is part of the indicating panel at the top of the device. 80 LEDs frames the panel. Bright, clear, informative – everything as we like. Well, a powerful speaker will provide laser tag lovers with high-quality sound.

With such advanced electronic filling, the device is as easy to manage. All elements – administrator button, power button – are located at the bottom of the case. They are enough to adjust all indicators.

Finally, about design. Made in the MILSIM style, our control point will not only give an indelible impression of the laser tag game, but also lend realism to what is happening. Protective cover for the case complements the military entourage; it will save the device from the weather and external influences. We have also provided strong and comfortable carrying straps – it is easy to move the device from place to place with them.

You can buy a «Smart control point» for 176 dollars. The product is available for order in the online store at the link.

Laser tag grenade «Trinity» 

This baby is able to say its weighty word in any confrontation. The IR pulses emitted by it can disable enemy players and reverse the battle situation. 

"Trinity" from LASERWAR is a compact device with a height of 11 centimeters and a weight of 140 grams. The grenade comfortably lies in a hand and looks very authentic, thanks to that will successfully fit into an arsenal of any laser tag club. 

We intentionally made "Trinity" from weapons-grade plastic with a high impact strength. There is just no way without this, because it is a grenade of all others in the laser tag, which is most exposed to physical impact. 

The structure is designed in such way, so that the electronic filling inside the grenade will remain intact even after dozens of laser battles. Batteries are also not affected. By the way, the device operates on AAA batteries. Their charge is enough for 14 days of regular games, and replacing of the battery is very simple – to get to it, you need to remove only one screw. 

Just as in other described devices, grenade functions can be configured based on the type of game. Five simple steps only will help you set the parameters you need. 
The cost of one grenade "Trinity" – 50 dollars. The device can be found at the link.

We hope that in the new season, the devices developed by the LASERWAR team will take a rightful place in the arsenal of your laser tag club, and you will return to us again and again for high-quality equipment.

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