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Thematic Outfit For Pirate Laser tag Parties

Dear dear lovers of costume laser tag games! This news is for you!

By multiple and insistent requests of one of our regular customers LASERWAR specialists have worked upon a feature that will be a nice add-on to the musketoon. Our company is trying to follow an unspoken rule — meet the demands of our consumers. And — voilà! An ordinary band with an defeat sensor turns into a real pirate bicorne!

If you are going to provide yourself with a thematic outfit and conduct dress lasertag parties, we earnestly recommend to get this accessory. A musketoon + a pirate bicorne will make a vivid and a profound image of the pirate of the Caribbean complete!

This is a comfortable headwear which is lightweight, durable and easy to handle. It is good either for adults and for children. Red lacing made of ultrasoft fabric with ties along the perimeter allows to fix the headwear on a player with any head circumference.

Inner lining is made of pure linen, which makes the bicorne unusually comfortable in wear. It holds its shape due to the inner frame made of metal wire. An entourage pirate emblem on the front side of the bicorne neatly completes a matchless ominous image.

4 defeat sensors, equally spaced on the surface of the bicorne, won't give the pirate a chance to avoid an enemy's «bullet»!

The pirate bicorne is already available for purchase in our website. Hasten to buy. The product quantity is limited.