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A new telescopic sight model has been added to the LLC LASERWAR scopes range. We are talking about the 3-9х50Е scope. It is fitted with magnification and focusing controls. The first one is meant to change magnification, the second one allows to adjust the equipment according to a person’s eyesight (whether they are far-sighted or near-sighted), so that players with eyesight defects don’t need to wear glasses to shoot. For the Rangefinder reticle used in this model, there are two colours to choose from: green and red. Reticle illumination is controlled by the cylinder, and there are 5 brightness levels for each of the colours. Adjustment rings are located on the top and the side of the frame.


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The scope comes with a 90 mm lens hood, which prevents glare and light reflections from the objective that could compromise the sniper. Besides, flip-open covers are included in the set, as well a user’s manual and a cleaning cloth. No mounting equipment is included in the basic set. The price of the 3-9x50E telescopic sight is 9000 roubles.