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APR 9 Spark ORIGINAL edition

Yes, friends, it did happen at last! In spite of weather contrivances, LASERWAR specialists managed to complete distance and precision tests of the new Parallax scopes. Video reports are already being assembled, they will be published in a few days. We are not going to try your patience anymore, and so we are presenting the first production models of tagers with the Parallax.

All-in-all, the majority of weapon models that come fitted with Prism, can be completed with Parallax if the client wishes so. Yet some models will only come with the new scopes. We will tell you more about them.

This model will most likely be admired by those players who prefer close quarters battle (CQB). It is a compact laser tag SMG based on the APR 9 airsoft model by G&G. the constructors used the AR-15 construction, added an extended magazine for a 9 mm pistol cartridge, a short barrel with an M-LOCK handguard and a foldable stock and received a compact and comfortable submachine gun – an ideal CQB weapon. There are no prototypes of this model in the world of real combat weapons. Still, it has the right to be, for AR-15 platform weapons for 9 mm cartridges are quite popular in the world.

Thanks to its small weight, compact size, ergonomics and convenience, as well as the stylish aggressive design, the model is likely to take its place in a laser tag arsenal next to the popular among players KRISS-VECTOR.

Body and electronics

The body of the tager is made from fusible alloys and thermoplastic polymers, which make it lightweight yet don’t promise the durability properties of real combat metal. We recommend it for personal use, just like all other airsoft replicas.

The elongated plastic magazine accommodates a speaker that produces loud and clear sound. The indication LED is located at the area where the magazine is joined to the body: it does not give away the location of a player and is hardly noticeable in the dark. The accumulator with a capacity of 2200 mAh is at the stock barrel; it provides up to 30 hours of continuous operation. It can be charged up using a Li+ charger. The charger inlet has been placed on the bottom side of the pistol grip and covered by a rubber cap.

The device is activated by a fire mode switch, which is located under the pistol grip. The weapon can be reloaded by either right or left hand.

The aluminium cut out handguard with an M-LOCK interface completely covers up the barrel. Unfortunately, some of the mounting plates are not available due to fact that the scope has been placed inside the jacket. There is a bottom rail, though, for mounting additional devices. At the top of the handguard and the gun barrel there is a Picatinny rail, which can be used for mounting telescopic and collimator sights.

Optical system

The new Parallax optical system fitted well inside the barrel jacket without altering either its dimensions or the outer look of the device, thus keeping the producer’s design unchanged.

The exceptional precision, distance and reliability of the new scope make the SPARK an ideal weapon for fleeting close combat within small area or inside premises.

Sights and rails

The top part of the M-LOCK handguard and of the receiver are represented by one large rail used for mounting any sight or aim finder. The common back sight and foresight have been placed on it, too.

Besides the fact that the common sights are removable (they can be easily removed from the rail), they can be also folded so as not to be in the way of a mounted sight. The flip back open foresight is at the front section of the barrel jacket. The foldable dioptre back sight is above the pistol grip. The foresight and the back sight have comfortable level and distance adjustment units.

Stock and trigger action

The foldable stock has two fixed positions: short for point shooting and long for sight shooting. The stock is compact and comfortable. The locking lever is at the bottom of the stock, behind the pistol grip. The ergonomic anatomically shaped pistol grip is comfortable to hold with one’s hand. The wide trigger guard makes it possible to wear gloves when shooting. The trigger operates flawlessly.

Over the pistol grip, at the stock base, there is a sling swivel for one-point belt. Whenever needed, additional belt fastenings can be mounted on the handguard.

Cost and market launch

One would be eager to try out such a tager right away. This is easy to accomplish, for the APR 9 SPARK submachine gun with the revolutionary Parallax scope is now available at our online store. The price of the play set is 24000 roubles.