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We are happy to announce a new model that appeared in the arsenal of LASERWAR sights. It is the optical sight 3-9x50E. It is equipped with the magnification control and the focusing control. The former ring will help to adjust magnification, and the latter will help to adjust the equipment to a definite type of eyesight (farsightedness or nearsightedness), that is why the players with eyesight defects are now able to fire without their glasses. As a target reticle we use the Rangefinder reticle, which can be displayed in 2 colours: green and red. We also provide an illumination adjustment control, which allows adjusting the brightness of the reticle. There are 5 modes for every colour. The adjustment knobs are located in the upper and in the side parts of the body.

laser tag optics

The sight is delivered together with a lens hood (90mm) which blocks undesirable sun glints, allows not to reveal the sniper’s position. Besides, the delivery set includes protective flip-open lens caps, a manual and a cloth for wiping the lenses. The rails are not included into the basic set. The price of the optical sight 3-9x50E is 9,000 roubles.