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Optic sight 3.5-10х40E

For the attention of snipers: The popular 2.5-10x40 optic sight was replaced by the 3.5-10x40E model.

It has a slightly longer length than its predecessor and on the whole has similar parameters.

The zoom of 3.5 to 10 is easily changed by turning the adjusting ring while maintaining the sharpness settings. The adjustment of the image to the individual features of vision will allow players to see a clear picture. The rangefinder has a two-color illumination with a five-stage brightness adjustment. The verniers are protected with protective covers to prevent accidental rotation.

The red laser target indicator makes aiming much easier, but it can't tell the enemy about your position.

The design of the sight allows to install it on all game sets having Picatinny rails of 11 and 22 mm. The optics covers, which protect the lenses from environmental influences, are made transparent, which allows you to make a targeted fire without removing the sight cover if necessary.

optic scope 3,5-10х40Е by LASERWAR

The new device is available in the LASERWAR the online shop. The price has not changed: 130 dollars.