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Honour, responsibility, courage and intelligence – these all are the traits of a decent man. Yet besides these, a man is formed by his possessions – dear to his heart and not necessarily expensive. LASERWAR believes such things to be the Krechet-m play set, the laser tag knife and the grenade.

laser tag gun

Krechet-m is the third unique SPECIAL edition blaster. It is reliable, durable, has nice sound and looks attractive. This laser tag pistol has additional rails and an increased firing range.

laser tag gun

The ergonomic design has been borrowed by the developers from the legendary Glock. It is equipped with a 1.4 Ah li-ion accumulator, which guarantees 20 hours of continuous operation. The effective firing range is 60 metres. The Picatinny rail on the breechblock frame perfectly matches the overall design. The 1x33 collimator sight adds to the bold look of the laser tag pistol.

laser tag knife

The charger inlet and the switch lock are on the pistol handguard. The play set is the ideal second weapon for a sniper.

The laser tag knife will be indispensable in close combat. Light (80 g) and sleek, it will not leave any chances to the rival. For if it strikes a player, it will deplete him of all his virtual lives. Yet in order to use it, one needs to get closer to his rival. The action radius of the infrared diode is up to 1 m. When one pushes the button located at the lower part of the grip, a shot is produced. Remember that you need to hold the knife with the icepick grip. Holding the knife with its grip facing forward will exclude any possibility of accidentally wounding the rival. Included in the set is a plastic case.

laser tag grenade

Another device no game battle can do without is the laser tag grenade play set. It has been specially designed by LASERWAR developers as an additional device that can be used in various scenarios. Made from outstanding quality thermoplastic polymer, it withstands physical impact, does not lose its shape and no traces of impact are left on the body. At that, it is lightweight. The grenade with all the electronics fitted inside only weighs 140 grams.

You are sure to enjoy the ergonomic design of the device. There are 6 wide angled infrared diodes and 6 red LEDs on the body. When in combat mode, they indicate when it will explode. It is comfortable to hold with one’s hand, as the screws are concealed inside of the body.

Do you want a guaranteed rival’s defeat? Use the laser tag grenade inside premises. The defeat radius increases there (up to 20 m) due to impulses reflection. When you use this device in an open area, you can deactivate players as far as 10 m away from it.

laser tag device

Lightweight and comfortable, our laser tag grenade can be certainly called authentic, which is so much admired by our players. It is fitted with a safety lever and a pull ring. Unlike the previous version, which entered combat mode when the button was pushed, the new device is activated by means of the release lever.

The way the device has been constructed, the electronic components won’t shift even under high impact. Changing the batteries (2 x AAA) is as easy as a pie. You only need to remove one hex cap screw to do this. The laser tag grenade will serve you thousands of hours, provided you follow the simple rules: throw if from below, parallel to the ground, in order to prevent injuries.

Krechet-m, knife and grenade are indispensable devices for various tactical moves in laser tag combat. Be assured they won’t let you down during a difficult moment and will easily eliminate rival storm troopers.

Treat yourself to something special. Become the owner of LASERWAR real man’s set today. The items are available at our online store.