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Winter. Biathlon. LASERWAR

November is the perfect time to remind about the line of LASERWAR products called Laser biathlon.
Why should we be talking about that now? In just a month, winter will come. Some players don't like playing in cold weather. What should they be doing? Should they stay home until spring and dream about new battles?
There is a solution – to buy equipment that will add fresh emotions to the frosty days. Winter and biathlon are made for each other – the LASERWAR equipment is ideal for fans of this popular sport.
We would like to point out that the rich range of our equipment has three types of game sets for laser biathlon: "Junior", "Master" and "Trainer". 
Their main task is to reduce the entry threshold for beginners. The safety and functionality of the laser biathlon allow children to start training from 6-7 years, not from 8-11, as in the case of real rifles. At the same time, laser weapons fully retained the tactical and technical characteristics of the originals and are indistinguishable from them in weight. Conducting training with our equipment is as effective as with traditional equipment. 
Our game sets have successfully passed the field tests and confirmed their effectiveness in various competitions and events, for example, at the RAAPA exhibition, the day of innovations of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation, the Day of Moscow and others. The LASERWAR equipment received the words of support from the Olympic Champions: Sergey Chepikov and Anton Shipulin. The latter has repeatedly stated that laser biathlon has a great future.
Laser biathlon is not only an effective training equipment. It will diversify the program of any sports events. The laser rifle is not afraid of frost, so you can use it in almost any weather. Thanks to that, LASERWAR equipment can play the role of a shooting range in the open air and successfully fit into the concept of a winter amusement park. This attraction will be exciting for outdoor enthusiasts and will be a profitable investment for the organizers.
We can continue listing the advantages of the laser biathlon game set from LASERWAR. We offer to check the equipment in battle and personally verify the quality and reliability of the equipment. You can buy biathlon game sets in our online store.