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The new explosive LASERWAR device is already being used in all Russian clubs. The grenade is popular for a number of reasons: low cost, easy batteries replacement, wide-angle infrared diodes – the device will rescue any laser tag player during a critical situation.

There are yet more advantages. We have used a different material to mold the body of the new version. We have also introduced a configuration mode. The changes made to the device have been named Trinity. Here is more about how the updates affected the guarantee, cost and comfort characteristics.


Since December 2016, we have been using a new polymer material to mold the body. The numerous crash tests prove that now the body of the grenade is very hard to crack – it will withstand dozens of games when used appropriately. The samples have been smashed against concrete walls, have been tested at abandoned building sites, and in various weather conditions.

The grenades with the upgraded internal structure have been for sale since 20th of March. The improved battery compartment guarantees reliable contact.

We do not simply make an unfounded claim about the excellent characteristics – we believe that actions prove words. We have increased the guarantee period for the new grenade body by two times. We know just how equipment can wear out, so we are eager to help laser tag club owners minimize their spending on equipment servicing and repair.

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The Trinity has configuration mode. In any modern laser tag equipment, quick functions change must be enabled so as to suit a particular type of game. The case when equipment can be quickly programmed and does not require any additional devices is ideal. Among such additional devices, we could name a PC, a laptop or a smart phone. To set up the grenade, follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. To enter the configuration mode, press the safety lever and hold it that way for 60 seconds. A sound signal will be produced and you will enter the time setting mode.
  2. As you hold the safety lever, select the time after which the grenade can be used for a second time.

1 LED flash – the grenade can be used right away

2 LED flashes – in 5 seconds

3 LED flashes – in 60 seconds

4 LED flashes – in 300 seconds

5 LED flashes – in 600 seconds

      3. Press and hold the safety lever to enter the command setting mode.

      4. Press the safety lever to select the required infrared command.

1 sound signalkill the player command. Compatible with the equipment by other producers.

2 sound signalsblow up a player command. When in this mode, the player’s blaster will produce a special signal when the player gets killed by a grenade.

3 sound signalsknock out a player command. The blasters affected by a grenade will be disabled for a 10 second time interval. Compatible with the equipment by other producers.

      5. Press and hold the safety lever to confirm the selection.


For the new body material and flexible configuration system, a player will need to pay 2500 roubles. The price that was originally established has not changed. To update the firmware of the grenade, contact the official LASERWAR service centre. Watch our video to see the grenade in action. Enjoy the quality and subscribe to our Youtube channel.