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The 2016 update series now presents the gaming P-90 sub-machinegun.

The main construction modification is an authentic tube whose design goes well with the weapon appearance. To make the construction more durable the tube is equipped with two polyamide insertions in the rear and in the front.

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As for the rest of its features, KAYMAN retained all its advantages: small size and weight make the game set an ideal option for those who adore light and realistic weapons. Instantaneous bolt reloading allows the player to stay in the rage of battle: a fast hand motion – and your weapon’s load is restored. Thanks to the body design, the shoulder fired P-90 is ideal for ambidextrous shooting. The Weaver Rail is equipped with standard fixed sights. Moreover, the collimator sights may be attached to the tagger.
laser tag gun

The stock is equipped with a swivel to fasten the belt. The loudspeaker, which gives a pure and loud sound, is also located on the stock.

And the price of the equipment is surely worth mentioning. Compared to the previous year, it has dropped by 2 thousand and now starts at 22,000 roubles.

Compact, lightweight, ergonomic – these are the most frequent epithets that are used to describe the P-90 KAYMAN.

With this game set in your hands you will feel like a real Spetznaz soldier or a Secret Service agent. And it’s no wonder – these are the military units where the combat P-90 has been successfully employed for a number of years. Market