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Modernization: Kalashnikov with Parallax optics

LASERWAR continues the implementation of its new optics. Recently, our engineers presented their latest development — a revolutionary optical system Parallax.
Almost all models with the old Prism optics are already available with new equipment. We are finally ready to tell you about the modernization of the most popular taggers like the Kalashnikov assault rifle, Steel series.

The strong points of the optics

The AK-76M Golden eagle has been equipped with a new optical system. With its help, we almost got rid of ricochets, allowing less accidental hits.
With the help of the reduced tube and focal length "Parallax" has a better fire range compared to other optical systems. According to tests, the range is 62% better in the sun and 66% better in the shade compared to the previous optics — the result exceeded our expectations.
If you have not watched our shooting range and accuracy tests, we recommend you should see everything with your own eyes right now, sit back and relax.
The new optics will please professional players: the killing spot has been reduced three times. It will be harder to hit the player: you will have to aim and show your skill. At the same time, both the killing spot and the range can be easily adjusted to your requests with the help of the LASERWAR-configurator.
We call the new generation of optics revolutionary for a reason. If the "Prism" by design imitated the suppressor, the basis of the new optical system design lies in flash absorbers. Now the AK-74 looks just like a real weapon.
The length of the tubes has been reduced nearly three times — just imagine how authentic game photos will be! We have also kept the cross-shaped illumination of the shot, which will enrich the gaming experience.
Moreover, each type of the weapon will have its own design of optics. With Parallax laser tag goes beyond the simple simulation. This is a new level of realism, which we have been diligently searching for all these years.
The new optics uses an impact-resistant plastic, similar to structural polymers, and is perfectly protected from moisture and dirt, which was confirmed by multiple tests. Thanks to the tests in the Moscow laboratory, we also received an official safety certificate, which you can download on our website. It confirms the harmlessness of the new optics for children and adults' eyes.

How to buy a model with the new optics?

How much has the price changed? AK-74M "Golden eagle" with a set of new optics includes a tube, lens, IR module. It will cost 395 USD— only 12 USD more expensive than the model with the previous system.
This is a modification with an optimal price-quality ratio which is available worldwide. Even small business can buy the weapon.
AK-74M Golden eagle, STEEL series slot with the latest optics is already on sale in the online store. The game set will definitely take a special place in your collection.
If you have the 8-9 generation equipment, you can upgrade it for just 45 USD. To do that, you need to order a Parallax IR module and an optical tube and install them in the game set.

Do not forget about the trade in option.

In August 31, you have the last opportunity to participate in our trade in. You still have time to take advantage of the special offer: send us the game set with any other optical system and get a 20% discount on the upgrade.
Stay tuned and follow the news to find out the next models with the new optics.