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The electronic RGB target is yet another additional device that has been updated. This is a must have gadget for any rental club. It will help adjust rifle scopes and kill the time before the start of a game. A new small display has been added to the new version, the design has been improved, the illumination and control systems have been revised. Still let’s take one step at a time.


Changes have been made to the front side of the target. We have used the approaches that always work: illuminated the shot area, added a short motto in the English version and marked the gadget with a company special logo. The resulting product came out excellent. The target doesn’t look like a boring piece of plastic, and it looks its best when it is on. There are two options to choose from: the item comes with an English or a Russian label. 

In other respects, it is just the same target with a charger jack at the side and a switch lock on the top cover. Fitted inside is a lithium-ion accumulator with a capacity of 2.2 Ah that guarantees 15 hours of continuous operation. The device weighs 900 grams.


In this new version, the illumination has been made brighter. Instead of the previous version 4 big LEDs, now we have as many as 20LEDs that make up a circle. When hit the 4 sections of the circle light up the colour of the player’s team, which makes the hit more noticeable from longer distance. 


An indicator that has been added to the target is located at the bottom of the device. Depending on the established mode, it displays the number of hits, a player’s ID or weapon damage. The display can be used not only for hits and for setting up: when the target is on, it displays the amount of charge left in the accumulator. The player will not have to guess whether there is enough charge for several hours of operation or whether the device will run down in 30 minutes.

laser tag device

The new version of the target can be programmed. You can use the Nano remote to regulate the sound volume, the brightness and the type of illumination.

The New game button will bring the hits count back to zero, the Kill the player button allows to enter Admin mode. When it is being set up the device does not respond to weapon shots, while on the screen at the bottom there is a contracted value of the chosen parameter. 

The small button on the remote is used to switch between the parameters in the admin mode. The big button changes the value. 

The device goes back to the standard mode 3 seconds after the user has stopped setting it up.

If nobody has hit the target and hasn’t changed the parameters for 5 seconds it will switch off. It can be turned on again either by turning the switch key or by shooting it. 


The updated design, bright illumination, visual settings display and setting up in real-life conditions made easy – this is what LASERWAR RGB target is all about. One set will cost a player 4000 roubles. You can buy it now from our online store.