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GLOCK is a series of pistols developed by the GLOCK company for the needs of the Austrian army. It was the first sample of weapon designed by this company. The resulting handgun turned out to be rather successful and comfortable in use, thanks to which it was adopted by the Austrian army under the name of P80. This weapon was created for consumer market but it became an ideal compact variant for power structures as well. Police of different countries used these pistols as sidearms. Afterwards GLOCK became extremely popular thanks to its combat qualities. A special feature of this tagger construction is its airsoft body and absence of hammer. The frame of the game set is made of metal alloy with aluminum. Such material makes GLOCK lightweight and extremely durable. The weight of the tagger is 605 grams. The principle of work of the game set without a safety-stop is “jerk out and fire”. That is why this pistol is an excellent variant to be used as an additional weapon.

The sighting equipment of the open type is assembled on the flat upper surface of the slide and includes an interchangeable/fixed foresight and rear sight. It should be noted, that the foresight and the square rear sight are equipped with illuminated dots. That is why the owners of this game set can take sight quickly and effectively. The optimal aiming range is up to 40 meters. The pistol grip has special front and side grooves for fingers. It allows a comfortable feel of the pistol in your hand.

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From the technical point of view this tagger does not differ much from its “co-brothers”: the assembly quality is of the highest rate; the lithium accumulator provides up to 10 hours of autonomous operation; recharging can be done by means of the bolt; vandalproof mechanism is located in the lower part of the magazine. The tagger is equipped with a slide spring, so the players will not have to put the bolt carrier to the initial position.

The game sets of the GLOCK series will only be made to order, that is why the shipping period will be longer than when ordering traditional game sets. The price of the tagger starts at 19,900 roubles. Market