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CRM system for laser tag clubs

CRM-system for laser tag as a gift.  - websait - dont forget change language.

CRM laser tag
The company LASERWAR has prepared a favorable offer for the owners of laser tag clubs. Buy our branded equipment and get a gift of three months of free use of a unique CRM-system for laser tag clubs.

What is a CRM system?
The abbreviation CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is translated from English as "customer relationship management". CRM-system is a complex of technical and organizational solutions for the collection, processing and storage of customer information. The capabilities of CRM systems help small businesses, in our case laser tag clubs, to effectively use time, resources and money, to build professional interaction with customers.

Why is it profitable?
If things go well – the number of customers is growing, the combat Arsenal is replenished with new models, the staff is increasing, the owner of the rental club face new challenges. It is necessary to manage Affairs so that to manage to control all processes and to provide guests with high-quality service. In this case, there is a need to automate the work of the club. Make it as efficient and transparent as possible.

To solve these and other everyday tasks will help the CRM system LASERWAR. We analyzed many years of experience in the laser tag industry and created a CRM system taking into account the specifics of the laser tag business. You get a versatile tool to manage your rental club. It will allow you to automate the reception of applications, work with customer databases, keep records of finances and control the Arsenal of the club, upload reports and receive timely technical support from our specialists. All these features are available to laserwar partners and dealers at a bargain price.

To explore the possibilities of CRM system LASERWAR right now on the website Sign up and access the system on any device. Only login and password are needed to log in.

How to test CRM-system for free?
When you purchase ANY equipment LASERWAR you will get free access to the system for a period of three months. How it works?

Step 1. Go to the section of complete sets of LASERWAR, choose the appropriate set of equipment 9 or 10 generation and place your order in a convenient way.

Step 2. The Manager of the company contacts you, clarifies the necessary information and sends a special promotional code for use in the CRM system.

Step 3. You go to the site, go to the "Tariffs" section, find "Gift" and click the "Connect"button. Enter the promo code in the field that appears. Another option: click the "Register" button, fill out the form, select the "Gift" tariff in your personal account and enter the promotional code. Ready – free access for three months activated!

You will be able to experience all the features of our CRM, because we do not limit the functionality for the period of free use. In the future, if you are satisfied with our product, you can purchase a business rate and continue to manage your club professionally.