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COLT M4 IDAHO play set (ORIGINAL edition)

Everything done by LASERWAR specialists is more than a creative process – it is innovations and progress. Engineers and designers, construction electricians and assembly workers – each of the company divisions has a professional approach to the tasks they perform and strive for an excellent final product. And now… here comes another fully integrated model ready to serve you in laser tag combat. Let us introduce you the Colt-M4 Idaho.


The first thing that pleasantly surprises you when you take the blaster based on an airsoft gun with your hands is the comfortable pistol grip. There are special comfortable hollows for fingers in it. They ensure that the weapon will not slip out of a player’s hand while he is shooting or walking.

laser tag gun

Second, there is no doubt that the blaster has a reliable construction: the polyamide optical barrel is attached exactly next to the stock jacket – meaning that the barrel will not break off in the long run of the device operation. The trigger rolls smoothly. The play set is universal in operation: it takes seconds to switch hands, regulate stock length, reload the gun.

The Colt-M4 Idaho is a real catch for medium built players. It is even suitable for teenagers due to the adjustable stock and relatively light weight.


Materials used for the body: metal handguard, steel stock body and frame, impact resistant ABS plastic butt, polyamide optical barrel. To turn on the set, move the safety catch to the ready position. To reload the set, pull back the slide. The reload mechanism, as well as the extractor that is used for removing cases of fired ammunition (a protective cap with a spring) and the breechblock comb on the body – these have all been kept to make the gun look authentic, which is so highly valued by a majority of players. The size of the blaster is universal, for its length can be varied – the telescopic stock has 5 possible positions. The speaker is built into the magazine, so that the sound is directed at the player. There are sling swivels on the body. The weight of the blaster is 3400 grams.

laser tag body

Fitted inside is a lithium-ion accumulator with a capacity of 2.2 Ah. The storm rifle will operate continuously for up to 30 hours. The charger inlet is at the base of the pistol grip. To charge the play set, use any charging devices of the Li+ range, for example, the Spider.


The Colt-M4 Idaho is fitted with 4 Picatinny rails, which makes it possible to mount various additional devices: a laser aim finder, a tactical torch or a grip, optical sights. Standard sights can be mounted onto them, too. They include an open sling back backsight (2 aperture holes) and a foresight. They can be folded for easy transportation. The effective firing range of the device is 185 metres.

laser tag sights


The Colt-M4 Idaho is comfortable, light and mobile. It is ideal for those who love practical weapons. All these advantages have been combined in one play set, which has no equals. The price of the play set is 29090 roubles. The look of the blaster is just as impressive as is its interior. The item is now available at LASERWAR online store.