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Here, at LASERWAR Company, we have always dreamt of bringing together foreign laser tag fans and users from Russia and the CIS in one place. To achieve this we required a universal site, on the basis of which all our customers would have equal opportunities. Unfortunately the site “Vkontakte” couldn’t provide this opportunity to the extent it is available on Facebook, where the daily viewership reached 1 billion users in September 2015. The use of Facebook possibilities allows foreign customers not to leave their comfort zone, staying in the frame of the social network they got accustomed to. That is why the integration of Facebook and our application has become the major concern for the programmers of LASERWAR Company.

It was necessary to complete code writing, enlarge the application functional, implement statistics uploading, study and analyze the system of publishing. Our specialists also studied FB privacy policy for android applications and the conditions under which the work of a configurator is possible at this site.

Our programmers and designers have managed to overcome this social network’s limitations of functionality, which didn’t allow to upload statistics in the format of a PDF document. Now the statistics is published as one picture, which includes data on players’ achievements, individual and team results.

As a result of our effective work we are now able to upload configurator’s game information to FB. We are trying to tell about laser tag to all people interested in outdoor activities, keen on military tactical games. LASERWAR Company is eager to gain the affection of new customers and provide high standard quality and service. We are happy to make one more step forward consolidating our position at the world-renowned site.