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As we created our equipment and program software for it, we comprehended that it must be comfortable for our clients, easy to use and at the same time be packed full of a variety of functions that are required to carry out different scenarios. Our laser tag configurator – the program software, tried and tested on several generations of laser tag sets – meets all these requirements. It has been created to set up game parameters, technical and tactical characteristics of laser tag weapons and additional equipment. It allows to create and edit game characters, change presets and create personalized ones. You will be able to send the selected parameters to laser tag equipment and test them immediately after they have been configured. The LASERWAR configurator reads the statistics, prints it out and publishes in the Facebook and Vkontakte social networks.

Below you will find more information about the main advantages of the LASERWAR configurator.

1. Ergonomics and usability

Program software is made, first and foremost, for people, for users. Here, interface calls all the shots. The more positive emotions one gets from working with a product, the higher are its chances to become popular. The intuitive interface makes our laser tag configurator just as easy as a computer game for kids.

Convenient design is not what the product looks like – it is how it operates. Our program software fully satisfies this principle. The meticulously designed and thought out design of the configurator ensures that the user will not require any external support, will not need to turn to the Help section (even though it has been included in the program), nor will he need to contact the customer support.

The LASERWAR configurator has been translated into 6 languages (it is being translated into a seventh language at the present moment).

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2. Easy setup

You will find everything that is required to install the LASERWAR program in one installation file. You can download the installation program from the PC software section of our website. Next, unzip the downloaded archive, launch the LASERTAGSetup.exe installation file and follow the installation wizard. The installation is easy – you need to save the program in a folder. Say, at the desktop. After that, it can be easily opened and launched.

The software has 5 divisions. The information in them has been structured and classified. Due to the intuitive interface, the program is simple and is easy to understand, even if you have never before had to deal with system products of the sort. Nevertheless, we have created a detailed instruction (User manual) on 97 pages and have even prepared a video for those who does not want to miss any single detail. In the Manual, we have given a clear and simple description of the principles of working with the LASERWAR program. When you read it, you will understand how to set up game parameters (or select the ready presets), enter the characters, how to send this to laser tag equipment and later test the parameters that have been sent. The numerous pictures make the Manual easy to understand not only for professionals, but also for beginning users.

Our software will make the life of an instructor easier, his work on a play field – efficient and comfortable. This is owing to the fact that the settings can be selected at home on a PC and can then be activated on a play field using a remote. The firmware of the additional devices can be upgraded using the same program. This is very convenient, for same program can be used to configure all the weapons and devices.

laser tag soft

laser tag software

3. Universality.

Our software is universal, which means that it supports both the old and the new generations, thus ensuring smooth succession between them.

Superfast configuration using the universal remote or the PRO remote with an OLED display (which displays information both in the day or night time) have been also made available for LASERWAR configurator users. The PRO remote is a real portable station which can replace a computer with all the required software. All this makes the equipment efficient, mobile and convenient during a game, which is of primary importance for game organizers and for clients. The remotes made it possible to change the technical and tactical characteristics of the weapons using just one command, as well as to play the most popular scenarios: Zombie, Last hero, Terminator.

4. Displays the statistics.

The LASERWAR program software makes it possible to read the statistics from the blaster immediately after the game using a notepad. Multiple parameters, including achievements, will be listed in the statistics: number of shots, hits, number of pellets used, the duration of play equipment operation. The high quality statistics display, printing out straight from the program and the possibility to post it at social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook) is provided only by our software. Now you can share your achievements in laser tag with your friends. The information about how to create statistic data, save it, print it out or publish in a social network can be found in the User manual mentioned above.

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At the end of the game, the configurator will evaluate your achievements and will even give a symbolic title:

  • Destroyer – the player that inflicts the highest amount of damage of all the players of all the teams.
  • Kamikaze – the player that kills most of all the players of all the teams.
  • Warrior – the player with the highest rating of all the players of all the teams.
  • Invincible – the player that has been hit least of all the players of all the teams.
  • Sniper – the most precise player of all the players of all the teams.
  • Rambo – the player that produces the highest number of shots of all the players of all the teams.

You can even hold a symbolic ceremony in which you award players real medals or prizes. Here, much depends on the fantasy and the possibilities of a game organizer.

5. Staying up-to-date.

The firmware in laser tag equipment must be updated on a regular basis. In new versions, the specialists of the software development unit broaden the list of functions, change them, as well as correct the errors in equipment operation. Upgrading the firmware of a headband or of a weapon is easy. This can be done using the wireless Bluetooth channel. It will only take you 10 minutes to record your own sounds or to select the 915 audio files that are available at the program base. The drivers are set up automatically. System requirements: our program supports WINDOWS Vista / 7 / 8 (8.1) / 10.

6. Android.

Nowadays, any equipment without mobile software is outdated. We have a native Android application for devices with large dimension screens (7-10 inches), which allows a user to do without a PC, select all the settings, functions, presets (the saved selection of presets) using a notepad. Updating the firmware, sounds in the weapons, publishing statistics in social networks and saving it as a PDF file is now as easy as it is using a home PC. All the functions are now available in the updated mobile form.

The Android application gets regularly updated. It is for this reason that LASERWAR is characterized as a responsible company that changes, increases and improves the functions of the released equipment through program settings.

laser tag software

The IT specialists of the LASERWAR company strive to achieve high standards in what they do. As they choose a particular task, they focus all their attention on it and achieve the required results. If anything does not go right, they do not feel ashamed about asking their clients about their preferences, for at LASERWAR, we always stay in touch with our equipment users (we always upgrade the old firmware upon your request). What is more important, upon achievement of our aims, we immediately create new ones – even more ambitious, to ensure that our common goal and interest – which is laser tag – goes on to develop and keep players happy through a variety of functions, comfort and simplicity.

Go for quality! Use the best program software to solve various play objectives. At LASERWAR, we care for our customers. It stays at the top of our list of priorities and we stick to it.