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AK-12 IRBIS game set by LASERWAR

The model, which has become the hallmark of LASERWAR (one of the most popular AK-12LT PREDATOR taggers) is implemented in its combat prototype.

Connoisseurs of authentic models can replenish their arsenal by buying the AK-12 IRBIS laser tag submachine gun, which is based on the training Kalashnikov AK12 SU weapon from IZHMASH. Made of the components of decommissioned weapons, the weapon is as authentic as possible. And the relatively low prevalence of this model in the market will make you the center of attention during any game - very few have seen this weapon in reality.

Body and electronics

The weapon steel body makes the tagger virtually indestructible, even at the rental conditions, and the use of weapons-grade plastic for rails reduces the overall weight. The plastic magazine is equipped with a loud speaker, LED indication and a charging socket. The batteries with a capacity of 2.2 Ah, provide, depending on the generation of electronics, from 8 to 30 hours of continuous operation. The Li + series charger is required to charge them.

The device can be turned on by means of a fire mode selector. Besides, the selector is used to choose between the single fire mode and the auto fire mode. The wide thumb pad makes switching modes much easier.

Use the bolt to reload the weapon.

Buttstock and Trigger mechanism

Today there are several modifications of AK12 with different buttstocks. Our version has a folding collapsible buttstock, resembling an American rifle buttstock. The rubber pad of the buttstock fits comfortably to the shoulder, and the four-position latch allows the buttstock to slide apart by 7 cm.

Pressing the lock on the left side of the buttstock base allows you to fold the stock by turning it to the left until it clicks into place. The buttstock can be moved to the combat position by sliding the locking plate on the buttstock's axis of rotation.

The ergonomic pistol grip is tight and comfortable in the hand.

Sights and rails

The weapon has an aperture ring sight with precise adjustment and range adjustment for the rear sight and front sight. The Picatini rails on the top of the receiver and on top of the gas vent allow for the installation of any collimator or telescope sights.

The plastic foregrip, which completely closes the gas vent, fits comfortably into the hand to prevent burns. An additional rail for mounting additional equipment is located under the foregrip.

A carrying sling clamp is located on the barrel under the foresight. Holes in the buttstock can be the second attachment place.


The ParallaX tube of the optical system practically does not differ from the standard DTCK and can provide a range of 300-400 m, and the Prism, stylized as a PBS, will allow to fire at a distance of 175-230 m.

Cost and market launch

The new model is already on sale, you can buy it in the online store LASERWAR for 582 dollars. Replenish your arsenal with the latest Russian army models.