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AKM PROROK Original Edition

Today we are presenting a new model for laser tag enthusiasts – the PROROK AKM of the ORIGINAL edition with Magpul accessories.

It is no secret that the old good AKM is well known and highly popular in the USA. Many small arms companies took up finishing off the assault rifle in the attempt to refine its austere and bold design in their American manner.  The majority of them tried to achieve this by adding AR-15 accessories to it.  Just a short time ago, the famous Magpul company blew away Kalashnikov fans by a customization equipment set with the inspiring name ZHUKOV. The name is likely focused on the American market and reflects their view of Russia – "VODKA", "Balalayka", etc.

The Magpul took a different path by designing a Kalashnikov customization set from a scratch. The resulting product turned out to be very good-looking and practical.  The set consists of a foldable MAG585 stock and a long MAG586 handguard.

We are delighted to present a blaster that is based on an airsoft replica of the AKM with Magpul accessories.

First impression – a familiar stranger

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The customary Kalashnikov outline changed in a magic way and acquired new unusual features and characteristics.  The Magpul add-ons remarkably modernized its outward appearance.  In what other ways has the blaster been changed by the customization besides the altered look? Let's find out.

Body and electronics

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The blaster body is made from steel and aluminium alloys, which means that it is extra durable. Due to the fact that the accessories are made of thermoplastic polymer, the blaster is lightweight. The magazine incorporates a loud speaker, an indication LED and a charger inlet.  The 2.2 Ah accumulators provide up to 30 hours of continuous operation.  The Li + series charger is required to charge them.

The device can be turned on by means of a fire mode selector.  Besides, the selector is used to choose between the single fire mode and the auto fire mode.  To turn on the tagger, you must first select the single-fire (lower position) mode and the fire switch will function normally. Use the bolt to reload the weapon.

The optical system has been fitted inside the external barrel. It gives an effective range of up to 185 metres.

Buttstock and Trigger mechanism

You are going to be pleasantly surprised by the changes done to the buttstock.  First, it is foldable.  It does not fold on the left, as usual, but on the right.  he producers consider this a very sensible change, for sights are frequently mounted on adaptors on the left-hand side and the stock would have interfered with them.

Second, the stock is telescopic and can be regulated to have 5 length positions. A convenient latch allows to increase the stock length by 7 cm.  The rubberized shoulder pad won’t slide when held against a shoulder.

The ergonomically designed MOE grip is very comfortable to hold.  The weapon comes with a standard AK trigger.

Sights and rails

The device is fitted with a standard foresight and a non-adjustable back sight.

A collimator or an optical sight can be mounted onto the Picatinny rail that is attached to the gun barrel.  Additional rails can be mounted below or on either side of the extended plastic Magpul handguard that conceals most of the gun barrel.  The gas vent is hidden beneath the plastic cover.